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The Future ?


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A Dr Ian Pearson believes that anyone born after 1970, has the potential to live "forever"; due to advances in AI and bio-technology.  Whilst I don't disagree with the theory, as I believe only non-biological being will escape this planet,  I'm not sure such technology will be available to all, as initially it would be too expensive for the Plebs and no doubt the rich may wish to ring fence it for themselves.  With increased automation in any event, the Plebs would become surplus to requirements and any intelligence superior to that of mere humans, would probably take over in any event.  So, even if such an option was on offer, would you wish to live forever ?        :wacko:

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As we know different methods of treating cancer & other illnesses are being found every day, but the world couldn't really support such an extra burden so it is more likely that today's lucky beneficiaries of life saving treatment are just guinea pigs to perfect treatment for the wealthy private patients of the future.

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I think the idea Dave, is eventually to morph humans into robots, sort of bionic man style.  There is already a debate in the scientific community about the dangers of a reliance on AI, which will rely on pure logic, without emotion or empathy, and make decisions accordingly.  The reason we're top of the food chain now, is through superior intelligence; if we invent entities with superior intelligence to ours, they would eventually treat us with contempt and begin to take over.   I robot !          :ph34r:

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