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The benefits to the UK from a hard Brexit


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Before I start I have to confess that I voted to Remain. However as I believe in democracy and a referendum is the purest form of democracy that the UK constitution (and yes it has one, which is not wholly written) allows I can see the other side of the debate.

1) There is a guarantee that the UK will not lose further sovereignty, that protects out seat on the UN Security Council (which is a significant source of soft power).

2) The EU has changed to using regulation rather than directives which force a one size fits all for new legislation and the European parliament has a larger role in the negotiation of those regulations. The European parliament committees are dominated by extremist minorities to a much greater extent than in the UK. This has been damaging in two sets of recent legislation that I have followed, the Open Internet and the General Data Protection Regulation where costs to businesses have increase for no benefit to UK citizens whatever. This trend is set to continue.

3) There is a political reality that free trade with the USA will be blocked at provincial level in the EU. Given that the USA is such a major trading partner for the UK a free trade deal, which is unattainable inside the EU, will give us a benefit.

4) We are free to continue to adopt EU product standards and by setting no tariffs against the Customs Union the effect on trade is minimal. The key is to maintain the tariffs against third countries in line with the Customs union, that means that there is no point in a customs examination. We can act against dumping unilaterally as long as the electronic documentation exchanged is the source of data. There will as always be little that you can do against smuggling - no change.

5) The UK will cease to be a major contributor to the regional development ambitions of the EU. Instead we will be free to target investment to help British trade rather than the present system which favours German trade disproportionately.

6) We will cease to be affected by supremacy of the European Court of Justice. That means that their particular interpretations of issues which are often at odds with what would be expected from an Anglo-Saxon perspective and case law base grown from the Common Law. We would also be free from case law precedents on new regulation being set by courts of record in other member states which is a very worrying concern for businesses.

There is a starter, perhaps others can add more.

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Think this was flogged to death on this board in the lead up to the referendum and beyond, the media never leave it alone with their intermittent doom and gloom scare stories; and the majority of MPs are trying to sabotage it.   A decision has been made by the UK electorate to LEAVE the EU, not half leave or quarter leave, but total leave.  This means leaving the single market with it's commitment to "free movement";  leaving the ECJ with it's super-national authority over or laws; and leaving the customs union which ties us to EU trading arrangements.  I think the majority of folk now simply want to see the Gov, just getting on with it asap; even if that means crashing out with no deal and reverting to WTO rules and of course the non-payment of the £billions being demanded by the EU.  As the EU keep saying - you can't have your cake and eat it too !      :ph34r:

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So it's a lie?  You said that you are prepared to accept the country being poorer for Brexit, is that because you are safe in your pension bubble for your remaining few years?  I see Norfolk and Suffolk are beginning to realise the impact of the catastrophe brewing for us.

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