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Charity Clothing Collections, Where do you leave the bags


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It is usually the Heart Foundation that put bags through the door for unwanted clothing, i leave them outside the front door in the garden and they used to get collected. Last few times though they have not, today I left out a bag full of clothing for a Blood Cancer charity but it is still waiting for collection.

Wondering if they expect me to dump the bag in the road?

So if you leave any bags out for charity were do you leave them?

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2 minutes ago, asperity said:

What you have to bear in mind is that the people doing the collection are driving a van, and don't want to get out to search for bags. So if they can't easily see a bag waiting for collection they won't even stop the van never mind get out of it.

They used to, I will take itt to the charity shop myself.

Mum was getting rid of two leather sofas some months ago, while one was past it, the other was in very good condition, so approached Salvation Army, but they never got back to me. Secondly filled out a form on line offering it to any charity wanting it, no takers, so advertised it on free cycle, a few people asking for it, but no one came for it, sadly the tip took it.

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Most round here leave their filled bags on their garden walls (near the roadside) or at the end of their drives but in good view.  Unfortunately other unscrupulous van driver have also been know to go round 'collecting' them...these collectors are not charity collectors but just chancers  basically nicking of charities and probably then selling the items at car boots etc,

I never fill the charity bags and leave them out for that reason.  For the likes of BHF and other known charities who have local charity shops I just take my items straight to their shops when I'm passing.  There are so many charity shops in the area that it's not hard to just drop things off and at least you then know they have gone to a charity and not just been picked up by some 'thief'. 

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If I am correct,

And I stand to be corrected if not,


The vast majority of these collections are not directly a part of the charities named.

They just give a small percentage of the value of their collections to the official charity.

They are well within the law as this is explained to people in the small print somewhere on the bag.

But basically they are just independent collectors.

I personally prefer to take my clothing into the official charity shops in town.


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