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Pot holes again -


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Seems Warrington is down the list when it comes to tackling pot holes, especially in residential side streets.  Whilst the main routes may be a priority for a re-surfacing programme; are these done because they are programmed at periodic intervals or because they've actually been inspected and need doing ?   Marsh House Lane, near the barracks is the latest re-surfacing operation, and I can't say it was needed imo.        :ph34r:

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Whilst having a google at "smart m/ways", there was info on making a claim against the council for damage caused by a pot hole.   Seems a rather convoluted process, requiring photos, witnesses, measurements; similar to a road accident.  So if your fully comp,  wouldn't your insurance company process the claim against the Council ?   

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many years back i damaged the exhaust of my car due to a large pothole. the following morning around nine i called them and told them what had happened and where.They advised me to get a picture and measurements etc. My car being repaired at the garage i had to get the bus to the place. i arrived at the place about half ten to find that there was no longer a pothole, it had miraculously been filled in. Result no evidence so no claim.

So bear that in mind as well if you do sustain damage to your vehicle. don't wait to get evidence.

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