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Amir Khan ?


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Seems Amir, a devout Muslim, has put up a Christmas tree in his home and shared a photo on facebook; resulting in "death threats" from fundementalists.  But surely, isn't this what integration or assimilation is all about, adopting the traditions and culture of the host society ?    Christmas trees were an idea brought over by a German immigrant - Prince Albert; and aside from the date, has little to do with religion.     :ph34r:

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It is a sad state of affairs that some Muslim communities are still closed in terms of shunning English & insisting that only their own language is used. It is even sadder that Amir Khan has been vilified by members of his own community for simply holding out an olive branch to the wider population.

Luckily the BBC plans to televise religious programmes from the wide spectrum that are practised in the UK,on a regular basis & in the near future ,so we should at least be able to get an insight into why certain beliefs want to erase us from the earth. Perhaps Saturdays & Sundays will now be taken up with various religious shows & services with public voting for the best sermon.

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