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This can't be true can it ?


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It might be that they were referring to the Environmental Impact Analysis for the proposed Waste Transfer Station off Winwick Road at Athlone Road which has been upsetting Geoff Settle. The details as they are at the moment at on WBC's planning search page and I believe the application number is (2017/31783) and the applicant is WBC themselves. The purpose of the transfer station is to accept waste from bin lorries and batch it up for transfer to recyclers, land fill etc to save each bin lorry doing multiple trips to Widnes each day. It is another of their spend to save projects. Or it could be something else!

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Isn't it the case that they claimed that the fence was needed to clear the Japanese Knotweed which they have a duty to do as the landowner whatever the final use is to be? I mean this to show that the approval of this application can't be used as a precedent for the real application which is yet to come, the EIA is no an application it is just an opinion. WBC have had this in the long term plan for some years by the way, but wouldn't say where it was!

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