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NHS to Social Care interface performance


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On 30th November the Department of Health published Local Area Performance Metrics for each local Authority area in England. The measures were of the performance of the handover and interactions between the NHS and Local Authority Social Care. Warrington ranked only 112 out of 150 with worse than average scores on every metric. In truth the data also showed that for the delayed transfer days the NHS was responsible for slightly more days than was WBC Social Care.

The issue that concerns me is that this news, though not dire, is not good or average news about the Council or the NHS trust so we have heard nothing in the two local media outlets. Why the silence?

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My guess would be that they're unaware of it. Much of what they report about the council is directly sourced from the council's press team because they simply don't have the resources to pick up on these things or investigate them. There may be an element of not wanting to rock the boat and / or damage relationships but that would just be speculation.  So, the real question for me would be why the council hasn't issued any information or made a statement, especially given their propensity to issue statements about other reports. 

Now that you've raised it, it's going to be interesting to see if it makes it to the local news. I'd suspect that this website will report it, but not the Guardian. 

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I've not seen or read the DofH's report as it's the first I've heard of it but having said that we have had dealings with NHS/Doctors social care team over the past months and although they and their home help nurses have been good in some ways in all truthfulness the system as a whole is a blummin' nightmare and needs looking at as their hands are clearly tied as to what they can actually do each visit.  I have no idea if WBC Social Care are also involved or if it's just the hospital and doctors who are arranging and so called overseeing everything.  

What is clear though is that something IS going wrong along the way and none of those involved have the time needed or are at liberty to make any real decisions which benefit the patient or their families despite their best intentions :(   Sad...


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