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What on Earth is the Mayor Thinking Of?


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Just watched the video on FB showing the little lad handing in the petition at the Town Hall to the Mayor. Firstly the Mayor wouldn't come out to take the petition, secondly he didn't even thank the little lad and finally he went off on some strange rant at Warrington Worldwides own Gary Skentlebury...


I have to say, "Les, you were totally out of order, made yourself look a complete arse and a disgrace to your office... apologise now or clear off and let someone with some manners do the job"


Rant Over

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2 minutes ago, fugtifino said:

Agree with Baz here.

And, good work Gary!

Councillor Biggin was spot on too - these plans affect all of Warrington, don't let them make it a North vs South battle.


Absolutely. If anything, the North of the town will suffer more than the South. 

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Maybe gary can do an interview with our current mayor.

 Headline being " LES MISERABLE"

Given the number of "high profile" mayors we have had in the past I do wonder if our les is up to the job. From what little i have seen he does not look to be a good fronts person to showcase Warrington. Anybody with half an a ounce of PR savvy would have insisted on opening the big doors at the front to receive the petition. A gracious smile and a big show of thanking the people who handed it in, even if it did go into the bin as soon as the door was shut.

having the petition handed in by the back door, not coming out and then berating both the young lad and his mum as well as a person who was obviously filming the event was abouit as stupid a move as you could possibly conceive.

it does now make me wonder what else is going on via the back door at the council as it will quite a lot more people.

I may joke about brown envelopes but after this i will wonder if it is a joke.

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The most disappointing aspect of this whole sorry saga is that the Mayor, who I have helped on many occasions covering his engagements has not managed to simply pick up the telephone and say sorry.

Very disappointing to say the least. An apology written by his press team and a few lines on facebook is not sufficient.

The petition handover and the media coverage was about as non confrontational as it could have possibly been - Neither the young child or myself deserved that kind of behaviour.

Out of the thousands of stories I have covered - this is one which will live long in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

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