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NHS Question ?


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Seems some bright spark has come up with the idea of asking every NHS patient about their sexual orientation, imo a total irrelevance, and will hopefully be ignored by all.   However, perhaps the question they should be asking is, "are you a British Subject entitled to free treatment ?" .  :ph34r:

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must be a hard question to answer if you are a transsexual (ex)male who still has sex with women. Are they lesbian or heterosexual?

also given that these days children as young as five are being dropped into various sexual categories by society, how often during a younger persons life will the answer to that change.

A rather pointless question really unless they are going to start segregating hospital wards according to sexual orientation.. now that could be interesting and cause even more work for the bureaucracy, opening up a real can of worms when it comes to mixed wards.:wacko:

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Typical, stupid waste of taxpayers money, probably dreamed up by some soft, tree-hugging liberal adviser who thinks he is doing the right thing . As if it makes any difference. Heard a GP on LBC the other day stating that she also felt it was a waste of money as patients are treated for their symptoms, not their sexuality

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