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new poet (4)

harry hayes

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Just to show i,ve not learned much and as the last one was hugely popular (sic), I post number 4.




Just think if I,d have strangled you,

As I often thought to do.

I wouldn,t be a grand-parent,

So heartfelt thanks are due.


Grand-children are a special joy,

They bring a twinkle to the eye;

But only for an hour or two,

No need to tell you why.


Teach them "please" and "thank-you",

Any skills you may have stored;

And how to fill their leisure time,

So they,ll never say, "I,m bored".


How nice despite an empty hand,

They scramble for the knee;

Bringing out your gentler side,

How lucky can you be?


Observe your son or daughter,

Watching all this puzzling bliss;

"When I did that t'was naughty,

But now it,s worth a kiss.


Well,too soon these self-same children,

Will emerge as fully grown;

And perchance become a parent,

With angels of their own.


Then you will be the wise one,

With time and love to share;

And fill a space within your heart,

You never knew was there.


Harry Hayes


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Thank you Harry, that was beautiful. That's exactly how I feel about my grandchildren - all 6 of them! - and I understand about strangling your son/daughter, I wanted to do that an untold amount of times! I love my grandkids and great grandkids, but thank god when they're going home!!


Bren. :angel: :blitzed: :spin:

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I've just read your other poetry and loved it all. I don't know how I missed it the first time round, I can only say that I've not been signing into WWW as often as I used to, so maybe that's why! I've loved poetry since I was a small impressionable child,but although I've tried to write some verse, have failed miserably!


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