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Specs Average Speed Cameras.


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Do the Specs Average Speed Cameras on motorways work as when I adhere to the 50mph speed limit on motorway work areas,  vehicles often pass at what appear to be in excess of 60mph, usually top end class of cars, surely if the Specs cameras do work it would not be long before the drivers of these cars would lose their licenses.


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Depends on how much leeway they are programmed to give, if any. My understanding of them is that they do not note the speed of the individual car but how long it takes to go between the two point that the cameras cover. if the allowance is plus or minus 5mph then a  car travelling for half the distance at 60mph and half at 50 could just about get away with it. (if my maths is right only got cse maths not 'o' level)

also depends on how good the lawyers are at making the excuses for the drivers, top end cars usually means top end lawyers to exploit every loophole they can find.:D

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