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Egg on faces ?


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Remoaners were telling us of a disaster for food safety caused by Brexit;  perhaps they'll note the latest call back of eggs in Germany and Holland due to  poisoning risk and the horse meat for beef scam.  Perhaps if we bought less food from the EU and produced our own, we could monitor production ?      :ph34r:

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Judging by the posts on social media generally, the Remoaners are quiet everywhere;  seems they are in the minority in the population and are seeking to scupper Brexit by stealth in Parliament. The arrogant and dictatorial stance of the EU is serving to alienate even those who voted Remain, but now just want to "get on with it".   Notice the surrender monkeys have now come out of the woodwork, demanding a veto on the London clearing Banks and post Brexit  protection for their iconic French wines, they're clearly in a panic.         :ph34r:

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Juncker seems to be relishing his Chaplinesque role by talking in the European Parliament of greater integration, expanding more into the Balkans, greater influence of the Euro while negotiating better trade deals further afield & extolling the virtues of the Schengen borders. The Great Dictator is alive & well .

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