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Does anyone know where the 'burning well' is located?


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Does anyone know where this 'burning well' is located?

Celia Fiennes 1698 Cheshire and Lancashire (recollections of her travels)

2 mile off Wigon towards Warrington (wch was some of my way back againe but for ye Curiosity's sake I did,) is the Burning well wch burns like brandy; its a little sorry hole in one of ye grounds 100 yards from ye Road that Comes from Warrington to Wiggon just by a hedge or banck, its full of dirt and mud almost but the water Continually bubbles up as if it were a pott boyling wch is the spring or severall springs in that place; Nevertheless I felt ye water and it was a Cold Spring. Ye man wch shewed it me, wth a dish tooke out a good quantety of ye water and threw away and then wth a piece of Rush he lighted by a Candle yt he brought in a lanthorne, he set ye water in ye well on fire and it burn'd blewish just like spirits and Continued a good while, but by reason of ye great raines yt ffell ye night before ye spring was weaker and had not thrown off the raine water, otherwise it used to flame all over ye well a good height, now it burnt weaker; at last the wind blew out ye mans Candle and he severall tymes lighted ye bitt of Rush or splinter of wood by ye flame yt burnt in ye well. This is a little unaccountable; I apprehend its a sort of an unctious matter in ye Earth and soe through its veines the springs run wch Causes it so to burn, for I observ'd when they dug into ye banche and opened the sort of Clay or mudd, it burnt fiercer and more from ye well.

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Can't say have ever heard of it but from the description would be around the Ince area which is approx 2 miles from Wigan heading towards Warrington.

Sounds like it could be a pool where marsh gas accumulated and there are several pools in that area although none that are close to the old road.

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