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New Poet - last of three.

harry hayes

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Well, number 2 received 100% approval - or left you speechless - whichever way....

My last pre-written effort. Again criticisms of this or all three would be welcomed if such spring to mind. (I don,t have a day job to give up".


The Tramp.



That boy of yours is odd they said,

We're sure he'll never prosper.

Alas t'was true, and so it is,

My life is one long wander.


As I travel along the endless streets,

No friendly look I see.

Still, I'm young and healthy,

The world may come to me.


Why look at me with such a face?,

To you I,m base and lonely.

My feelings don't concern you,

Please, speak, I'm oh so lonely.


A house; a home; a wife,

My hopes and dreams are gone.

Today's the day that matters,

Accept your lot, walk on.


I'm tired of all this wind and rain,

My bones can no longer bear it;

Weary of the mist and dark,

But crying will not solve it.


One day they'll find me cold as ice,

And even then, say nothing nice.

So surely, even though I'm odd,

A place with you, oh Lord my God.


Harry hayes,

July 2007.

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