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Wolves facing relegation battle


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We've been heading there all season tbh Gary.

Our performances just haven't been good enough in any dept and I can't think of one player who'll be happy with the way they've performed this year.

Let's hope we can get some form together running into the middle eights!

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Although it was against fellow strugglers Leigh at least we have a welcome win & it was a much better team performance than recent weeks. Wigan will be a big test but there is no reason we can't beat them if the will is there.

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A great confidence boosting win Davy that should bode well for the middle 8s, assuming Hudds beat Leigh this weekend which I fully expect them to.

If we can continue playing with that desire we should have no fears for the rest of the season.

And wasn't it great to see Ben Currie back playing again and even better that he scored the winning try.

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some odd decisions by the ref in the game though. Penalty against warrington for moving off the mark was wrong to me. Our player did move forward granted but he did not try to play the ball or even get chance to try as the ref blew the whistle for a penalty. Have seen refs in that situation make the player go back to the mark and play the ball correctly no penalty given.

Wiagn had similar incident close to warrington's try line where the player took about five steps forward before playing the ball and the ref didn't even blink an eye.

Mind you he was fair in his wrong decisions as there were few that went against wigan as well.

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