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Now EU exit talks are underway ,& Mrs May has made her opening move on the rights of existing EU immigrants to the UK , i was wondering what reciprocal rights & benefits are available to UK ex pats in Europe. Are the same housing, sickness & unemployment  benefits payable  & pension arrangements as all immigrants to the UK will get.

I doubt this is the case as most benefits in Spain for instance are scant to say the least & it would be grossly unfair for the UK to still be attracting immigrants based on our welfare state & generosity as a nation.

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Well, I'm seeing stories of 3 million EU citizens in the UK, that are currently heart broken.  But if we read the rest of the anti-Brexit propaganda, the UK being doomed to poverty and the EU with a bright future, you'd expect the 3 million to be gagging to get home.     :ph34r:

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You see,if the EU is so good ,why do we not have a mirror image of Sangatte in Kent with people jumping in the backs of wagons to get to Europe.It seems that the further south & east you get in the EU the less you are likely to find countries that will provide welfare for their citizens in times of hardship.They will have brilliant roads & railways though & other perks from EU money all provided by net contributors to the EU.

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