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Dealing with tele-marketers


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I had one the other day claiming to be from Virgin, saying I had a router problem affecting their server. I asked him for the first, third and fifth letters of my Virgin password which, strangely enough, made him hang up his phone in Mumbai :D

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Know the feeling asp get at least three of those a week. Usually saying they are from windows tech department  claiming my PC has been hacked to which i usually say so what. They can't get their heads around that sort of answer. after a few minutes of trying to convince me why this is a bad thing i politely tell them that i do not use computer banking or order things online, have no personal details stored on my computer apart from what points i scored at bowls or whether the team won at dominos..

did have a good one claiming to be from BT about my phone line, when i asked what BT phone line was that he replied the one supplying my house. i laughed and told him that had been taken out thirty years ago.

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