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forum over facebook


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While many of us have turned to facebook over forums these days, one area where the forum wins hands down over facebook is in SEO.

It is amazing how many old topics get resurrected many years later because someone has found it on google or some other search engine.

It's not often you see an old facebook post resurected.

So this forum is pretty important for future generations and the town's history.

God help future researchers with some of the ramblings on here lol:rolleyes:


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Did you any particular god in mind Gary or is it just a general god (do generals have god's?)

Ramblings on forums are part of their charm. it can be fascinating to see the twists and turns that any particular topic makes before getting back to the original post.

I find facebook handy for letting friends know important info about activities we share but tend to find that most of the stuff that comes up on there is messages about who has updated their profile picture.

one new feature on facebook has me annoyed and that is the message banner thing that lists "people you MAY know" and proceeds to show  either scantily clad females from ohio or unpronounceable people from wherever. Yes I may know them but the chances are that i do not.

At least with the forum you get sensible topics to read, well most of the time, or some of the time, Ok occasionally then.

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Search Engine Optimization.

Means that topics can be easily picked up by a search engine (google if you like) when on a forum, whereas facebook posts tend to be harder for search engines as they can have multiple levels of privacy settings or be hidden from public view.

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13 hours ago, Bazj said:

does Warrington Worldwide even have a facebook page? I thought everything just got posted to the Warrington Day-to-Day page :)

Of course we do Baz - but for posts to gain maximum exposure they need to gain traction via shares and likes e.t.c 


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