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Job Vacancy ?


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I'd like the money, fancy houses, servants etc...but not really the job itself.  I don't think I'd be able to behave myself enough in the public eye :lol: and I don't think I'd be able to abide by being told what I could or couldn't do or where I could and couldn't go or where I had to be on a certain day at a certain time and to smile sweetly and be polite to everyone.....even those who really pee'd me off for whatever reason.  

I'm happy to give it a go for a month or two though just for forum research purposes and to report back.

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Not sure i am cut out to be a king (or a queen for that matter). I could handle the hand waving bit but the smell of fresh paint would play hob with my sinuses. And that thing with the sword at the knighthoods. given some of the people who have received them i would be all to tempted slip a bit creating a whole troop of van gogh's.

Think i would be more suited to the evil advisor or the grand vizier,sitting in the background scheming and imprisoning people in dark dungeons with a maniacal laugh. (wonder if the college does a course on grand viziiering).

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