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PC slow response Memory

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You can use task manager to check how much memory you have. Also to check what is running in the background, such as software update programs. Check what level your anti virus is set at. to high a security level and it could be checking every file opened and monitoring every program used.

Look into what your update for windows is set at as well, if it is set to check for updates hourly then that will slow it down.

If you are confident that you know what you are looking at then using task manager and looking at what services are running you can usually stop several of them without having any ill effects. real schedule, java update, even printer software update. alternatively set the updater programs to only check once a week.

If possible check how much memory your anti virus soaks up. some of the programs for anti virus i have used in teh past have been really bad memory hogs.

and one last fairly obvious thing is not to have too many programs or windows open at one time.

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One of the more common causes of slow downs is due to the processor chip getting too hot and this is often show up when the weather gets as hot as it's been of late. Over time, dust and crud builds up between the fins of the heatsink effectively forming an insulating blanket that prevents proper cooling. The fan automatically increases it's speed to try and cool more but if it can't, the processor reduces it's processing speed and power consumption to protect itself. Because the dust may take years to gather, you don't really notice the gradual increase in the noise of the fan.

To fix this, remove the cover and look inside on the main circuit board for a small fan. Vacuum cleaners don't really work here so Ideally you need to use compressed air to blast the dirt out. Blow the crud build up off the two other larger fans while you're at it and BTW do this job outside because it's messy.


Bill :)

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