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The Double Limerick


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The Limerick was, apparently, originally popularised by Edward Lear.

I have just invented the "Double Limerick" during an idle moment (walking from my desk to the Gents!)


Here it is:


There was an old fella named Fred

Who woke up one morning quite dead.

He said "It's a shame.

"If Clive was my name

"I might have got out of my bed."


There was an old fella name Clive

Who woke up one morning at five.

If his name had been Fred

He'd have woken up dead

But it isn't - so he's still alive!



Daft, isn't it?


I have not copyrighted the "Double Limerick" so others are welcome to try.


[ 25.07.2007, 10:05: Message edited by: DS ]

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There once was a man from pagate

whome noisy children he'd berate

until one noisy lout

gave the old man a clout

and now the old man is of late.


There once was a lout from sankey

who kicked an old man in the knee

he showed no remorse

when the old man had corpsed

so was last seen in court at bank quay.

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there once was a woman from hull

who went out one night on the pull

she went home quite shaken

as all the men had been taken

by women who she thought looked dull


There once was a man from Fife

went the pub every day of his life

met a woman in hull

who was out on the pull

but said no cause she looked like his wife! :wink:

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At last - I was beginning to think we had no poets among us.

I find they come in a flash, or they don't come at all. I went to fill the kettle in the office and while doing so came up with:


An American lady named Mary

On the forum could be quite contrary

She hadn't the time

To make up a rhyme

Or was she just being wary?


So a desreputable fellow named Dave

Decided her time he would save

He'd caused so much trouble

With his Limerick double

Which showed he was nought but a knave.


But what of this poet Sid?

Whose efforts he so far has hid,

Should Dave cause a ripple

With a Limerick triple?

Oh dear - that's just what he did!


[ 27.07.2007, 09:20: Message edited by: DS ]

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I am mortified to learn that I did NOT invent the double limerick! I hear from the Jane Austin Society of Australia that the honour falls to one Walter De La Mare (1873-1956)


He wrote:


"There was a young man in a hat and by came Miss B. in a bonnet;

He smiled when he looked at the latter, aye, and the roses upon it.

But when by and by,

As blue as the sky,

He detected her eye

?Neath its brim, well, oh my,

He wished that fair cheek was well under his hat,

And his own half concealed in her bonnet."


His is rather better than mine, because mine is really only two ordinary limericks linked.


However, I now will have to lay claim to inventing the triple limerick. In fact, wait a minute.....something's stirring....


I now really have no scruple

I must be our Walter's best pupil

I've developed a thirst

To now be the first

To find a limerick quadruple.

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this may not be right but i had to try.


Limerick times four



Well what strange howdy do

Tried to think of a limerick too

It?s easily done

To come up with one

But now I have to link two


I think I may have done the trick

Linking up two limerick

But now were not sure

If it?s been done before

If it has we?ll be heartily sick


So there?s DS and Mary and me

Trying so hard you can see

Well we?ve had a good think

And with nod and with wink

We?ve managed to get up to three


Well I hope you all won?t be sore

And I?ll try not to be a big bore

But the gauntlets been thrown

To me on my own

and I wonder if this could be four??


evil sid 2007

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An evil old fellow called Sid

Most recently put in his bid

To stand and be praised

For the target he raised

Until now he could say that he did


First up was David, owd Skent

He put us all on the scent

He lives in Lymm

Which is nice for him

But the kudos he had are

now spent


The ladies on here are quite scary

Their leader of course is called Mary

Keep on her side

Or else better hide

Upset her and be very wary


Some support a team called the Poo

But some of us reply with 'Who'?

A sign of rank

Is to be a Manc

This season is Gary's Waterloo


You posters will still have to strive

But its brain work that keeps you alive

After getting to four

Rack your brains even more

The target to beat now is five


[ 28.07.2007, 15:51: Message edited by: Eagle ]

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I'm blown away. Last month my grandson asked me about limericks (from his high school literature class) and we looked them up on the 'net, and neither of us could create one.


You had a double, a triple, a quadruple, -- those like myself drop out of the race from pure lack of traction. That limerick by somebody long ago in some other area didn't scan the way I like to hear them. His idea of "double" may have been to make them double long - not linked answering each other. But who makes rules?

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Ooops. I missed page 2 of this thread and Eagle's quintuplet couplet -- see, I'm so shameless I mix definitions just for the sake of rhyme.


There once was a blogger named Jerry

Unable to keep up with Mary

Though he racked his brain

And employed Ravensbane

(ma mu something to do with Gary)

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