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It's 50 years ago today Sg Pepper...Your memories

Geoffrey Settle

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Everyone has Beatle memories young or old what's yours?

I used to walk down Penny Lane every school day to go to Dovedale Primary 9 year's before albums release, my uncle Robert was a bus conductor based at the Penny Lane depot so the tracks bring back many memories of the area. Last year I went on a Beatle's tour and I was amazed how close I lived to them all. I remember most being at a party where the Beatle's songs were sung all night long at least that's what it seemed like to a young me.

Check out this article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/artists/beatles-sgt-peppers-lonely-hearts-club-band-50-years/

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50 years ago I was only 2 so don't really remember the Penny Lane days.  Obviously I know lots of their songs though from over the years though.  I never really listen to the Beetles songs now though as I really detest Paul McCartney and he makes my skin crawl these days.  (Sorry if he happens to be reading and sees my comment...actually NO I'm not sorry....he's awful !! )

I do have one Beetles type memory though and that was me helping to teaching kids to play Hey Jude and Imagine plus few other easy Beatles songs in the YMCA on Winmarleigh Street on Saturday mornings with Mr Rob Savva (he was the guitar teacher).  I've no idea how I finished up helping to teach them as I was only in my mid teens at the time.  I was blummin' good back in the day on my guitar though ha ha.

After Saturday YMCA guitar club it was always a walk down to Horrabin's shop on Sankey Street for a choc bar and a can of pop.....crikey that little newsagents shop will always be in my mind...dark, messy with piles of newspapers and magazines everywhere and makeshift display counters too.  I remember it having a really weird musty odd smell and us always laughing that our choc and drinks may have been even older than the gent serving us and that he had just found them under one of his piles.

Then is was off to the bus station for a ride home hoping we could get the front seats top deck......  as lovely Harry Hayes used to say they were "Happy Days"


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Brilliant Dizzy - you should listen to a the part of this YouTube - A day in the life track (oops written by Paul) it's on the album about his trip to school - starts after 2.20 ish - it is then followed by Give Peace a chance at Anfield on the 1st June - (not sure what year) with Yoko is in the Anfield audience.https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=day+in+the+life+paul+mccartney&view=detail&mid=599519FBA03218A375F1599519FBA03218A375F1&FORM=VIRE It's preceded by words from John about articles he read in a newspaper

If you can't stand watching Paul then here are the Lyrics http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/beatles/a+day+in+the+life_10026556.html Lets face it you were either a Beatles or Stones fan in them FAB days - Just ask Gary the Rock God of Warrington airwaves.

I remember I used to run to school and race my mates - spend 10 minutes getting my breath back because it always brought on asthma attack but did my heart and lungs good for running years later for Warrington Athletic Club. I used to get the bus home and I used to jump off the bus at my stop. This came in very useful one day when the school bully was hitting someone - hit him hard and exited from the bus stage right  - they didn't have doors in them days and the conductor was up stairs - you always have to have an exit strategy. But don't try this at home - well you couldn't could you on today's busses or trains for that matter. :blink: and it's just as well.  

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 Not my memory but one of my late father in law. He was one of the managing directors of an electrical suppliers and contractors in liverpool, His office and retail shop/warehouse was next to the SHE club. at one time the young beatles used to use a pub down the road to practice in at dinner times. many a time one of them would be sent to the shop for some light bulbs or fuses by the pub lanldord. As he had an account there they would have to sign for what they had picked up. Often wonder what one of those signatures would be worth today.

He often used to tell me the odd tale of artists from the she club getting moved on from their car park, despite which he got on well with the owners and often had a small collection job for the bouncers on the door. (surprising how easy it was for them to get a client to settle up their late account, possibly in fear of becoming a late client) :wacko:

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I think a legacy of the Beatles is that so much of their songs have become standards around the world & are still be adapted for other performers 50 odd years later, & how many other 60s groups got started by singing discarded Beatles songs. I think it's a great pity that most of the Beatles good stuff were album tracks though because many of their singles were not of the same standard.

I much preferred the Stones,Kinks,Who, Manfred Mann & the Hollies to name but a few.

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Watched Howard Goodall documentary on the fab fours Sgt Pepper last night. It's on the BBC iplayer now http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08tb97f/sgt-peppers-musical-revolution-with-howard-goodall# enjoy this great insight to how it was made.

Read about it http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2017/06/03/sgt-peppers-musical-revolution-howard-goodall-ideal-insight/


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