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Old £5 notes


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Just a reminder that from Saturday shops can, and will, refuse to accept the old style £5 notes so if you have a stash of them you'd best spend them all tomorrow :wink:

Banks will still accept/change them though for the next few months providing they are taken into branches by their own customers,

After that you will have to take or post any old notes to the Bank of England in London to be replaced.  Mmmm not sure I'd be happy to post them though....

So what happens to all the old £5 notes you might ask (well ok so probably you wont but I did wonder)......well once withdrawn from circulation they will all be shredded and turned into compost according to the Bank of England.

Ahh now that got me thinking...... is that how to grow a money tree ???? :lol:

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Oh No!!!! How am I possibly going to spend my hoard of £12,000 worth of £5 notes? This is even worse than the £1 note disaster, at least I only had 9600 of them to get rid of :unsure:. Why can't they make up their minds? Anyone would think they wanted us to put our money in a bank or something!

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Imagine if you really did have a hoard of £12k that had to be spent by then end of tomorrow though Asp....  how much fun would that be :)

Especially paying in cash and then taking it all back the day after for a refund in cash new notes :wink:

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One option would be to open an account with the fivers. wait a day and then close the account and ask for cash. problem with that though is that they might get a bit suspicious of where the money came from in the first place and lead to people knocking on your door and asking questions like "have you got proof in writing" or "there does not seem to be a record of any tax paid on such an amount."

wonder if the self serve machines at supermarkets will take them, or the pay and display machines that take notes as well as coins.( amusing thoughts with asp at tesco with six extra large TV sets and a couple of sacks of fivers, trying to get through the self service till.) :shock:

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