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New Look Forum 9 March 2017


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As you will have noticed the forum has been upgraded. 

Sorry you didn't get any advance warning and we are aware there were a few teething problems last night accessing topics etc but these seem to have now been resolved by Invision.

The new look forum is quite different to what we had before on first glance but after a few minutes of 'play' it seems quite straight forward and easy to use and there are a few new functions too.

If you have any problems or notice anything not working quite right please can you let me/Gary know via this forum topic.

Have fun,  Dizzy

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Davy51 thanks for the emails yesterday which Gary forwarded to me.  In them you said

Unable to browse or sign in ,Davy51

Unable to bring up subject list in each heading as in for instance Question Time.Can only activate last subject commented on under each heading.

Could you let me know if those issues have now been resolved for you ?  Thanks

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