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The big difference between the two was that wigan played as a team whilst warrington seemed to want to offload too much. Didn't look as though they were a seasoned team more like a bunch of guys drafted out of the nearest pub and told to get on with it.

Maybe they were trying too hard to score which let wigan in for easy tries. Not seen such a bad performance out of warrington for a few years.  On present performance you will not get good odds on leigh beating them next week leigh will be favourites to win.


knew i should have gone to domino match.

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This was one of the worst perfomances I can remember seeing.

Defence was very poor and we didn't even make Wigan work very hard for their comfortable victory.

The players just didn't seem able to communicate with each other and there was no cohesion in attack whatsoever.

Very very poor.....

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I just don't get why Dec Patton was dropped and Harvey Livett put at scrum half.

Even if Patton had to be dropped I would have gone for Gidley and Brown at half back and put Russell at full back and Livett out on the wing to earn his stripes or even played Evans on wing as he is one of the few with any pace.

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I think Dec has been poor with the ball, but he's not alone.....

I think Russell & Evans have also been poor and I'd like to see Jack Johnson given a run in in the team as he looks a great prospect, as does Livett.  I'd like them both to be playing.

I think Gidley's lack of pace was exposed at full back and I'd like to see him back in the halves with Brown against Leigh.  If Ratch isn't fit for this week, I'd put Livett at centre in place of Evans and put Evans on the wing and drop Russell altogether with Johnson at full back.

Russell is an enigma - he isn't a winger and he looks fragile under the high ball, so his only asset if scooting away from dummy half, but he needs more than that to keep his place in the team.

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