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Hospital Parking - Increased


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After having a family member taken into hospital, 14 hours of being kept in cubicles both in majors, minors and on the corridor they were eventually taken onto a ward.


I then found out the car park was now £6 instead of £5! It is now 30 minutes for  free, up to two hours £2.50, up to 4 £3.50, up to 6 hours £5 and 24 hours £6! there are weekly and monthly passes for £10 and £30 but you need to park for seven days before being entitled to buy one.


However I was at Manchester Childrens Hospital a week or two ago, met a man with a 4 year old girl who had a bill of £64 for parking 36 hours while his daughter had an operation.

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It was on the news pages a little while ago about Warrington Hospitals parking times and charges increasing but crikey that's awful re Manchester Children's Hospital charges. 

Surely that can't be right though ie a whopping £64 for 36 hours parking.  A weekly car park permit for visitors there is only £20 according to their website.

Maybe he had parked in a nearby privately owned car park or council one rather than a hospital one......

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