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When I go to the site, but before signing in, at the left end of the browser bar there is a padlock with a diagonal red line through it. Clicking on that gives the warning from Firefox that I linked to. However the padlock disappears when I sign in. I don't use the password for this forum for anything else so I guess I'm safe (fingers crossed!!)

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Note there is a letter i in a circle as well. It gives site information if you click on it  a drop down box with the name of the site and what permissions you have granted on the site.


On the right of the top part is a > symbol, clicking on that will bring up a reason why the site is not secure with the option to get more information.


Cclicking on that brings up specific info about the site that firefox has under page info.


Clicking any of the five options given will bring up information for this site pertaining to the box clicked.


The main reason for the warning is that information submitted COULD be viewed by others. (well duh it's a discussion forum) Then quotes the usual passwords credit details and so on.Not something I am worried about as i do not have banking or credit card stuff on my PC. (mainly for that reason but in truth i just find it easier to phone and order stuff.)

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It's new with the latest version (51.0) of Firefox. They're saying that if the website address is http:// and not https:// then it's not secure.

I am no expert but https is what you need for sites which include financial transactions - the forum doesn't although I wish it did so we could charge you all! :wink:

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Thanks everybody. Firefox say it's not secure because other people could, by some means beyond me, see your log in details. And if you were foolish enough to use the same password for everything you could find yourself being hacked or something. other forums I visit do have the https:// name, but they do ask for contributions as Gary says.

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