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Is it possible ?


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In answer to your question Obs (although I've no idea if you are referring to something specific in the news).....

NO I don't really think it is possible for a human being to be totally impartial and objective as we, as humans, will always have our own view on something and despite trying our best to see and understand
from both sides and remain 'impartial' there will always be that little voice in our own heads reminding us of our own view....so surely somewhere down the line that will always be an overriding factor no matter
how hard we try to ignore it.


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In answer to the title of the topic, "Is it possible" the answer is always yes.( yes is the answer to any sentence that begins "is it possible" the logic behind this is that given enough time and resources anything is possible, and the answer to the question "what is enough time and resources", is whatever is needed to achieve the desired result.)


In answer to the subsequent post the answer is still yes to the totally impartial part, providing the person is in a coma and has been for the last ten years or so. to the objective part a person in a coma probably no.


for all other instances no. anything with a brain and conciousness, from the simplest pond life up to and including whatever god/s you care to name, will always have their own view on something even if that view is not expressed openly.

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