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Got a clapped out Corsa?


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I suppose it would be easier than calling the scrap man and could provide valuable experience all involved. Police would get experience in dealing with suspect vehicles, ditto fire brigade, and the bomb squad would get valuable experience as well as having fun blowing it up.


It did not say in the article if the police provided a new car for the individual afterwards, they did apologise though. Wonder what was said to them?


Could be tricky with the insurance though, not easy to explain that your car has been blown up by the police and ask if it affects your no claims bonus.

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A slight digression:  I posted a while ago,  about new cars not having a spare wheel nowadays and instead issuing a mini-compressor and some sealant gunge for puncture repairs.  However, once used, the repair is only temporary and a new tyre required.  Now we come to a gem in modern thinking:  seems new vehicles are issued with a special wheel nut key (so check you've got one), cos even if you have a spare wheel, without the key, you can't get the wheel off.  Apparently it's all to do with reducing weight in the car, in order to reduce fuel consumption and pollution, so at the end of the day, I'll blame the tree huggers !      :evil:

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