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Harry Hayes in Hospital.


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So very sad to hear that Harry is very poorly and in hospital :( 

He's such a lovely chap.   I've only ever met Harry once in person when I went to pick up some of his poetry books that he kindly gave me but he's left a lasting impression on me, of course we have often chatted on here [the forum] too and via personal forum messenger.  

What a true gent he is and such a lovely and genuine person not to mention his great sense humor and his many tales and fascinating memories he has too....and his lovely way with words through his poetry too which many will have seen on here over the years

Stay strong and please get well soon Harry, big hugs to you my friend x x x 

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Harry's son Peter posted yesterday to say that - " He's still with us but struggling. Able to scan his facebook but not type. If you want to be kept informed of any news, drop me an email at <peterjameshayes@gmail.com> and I'll send a circular as appropriate. In his usual style, he asks for "no more grapes"! Harry has still got his sense of humour, Bless him!.

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Thanks for the update Algy.  I'm not friends with Harry on facebook which is  shame as I'd love to be able to post a little message on his page for him to see. 

Have you asked his son to let Harry know we are all thinking of him on here and wishing him well x x

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Only just seen this thread. Hope Harry is OK. As Diz said he is a true gentleman and very popular.

It's been great to hear all his tales and very kind of him to share them with us.

Algy could you please ask his son to let him know we are thinking of him and wishing him well.

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Harry Hayes.
I have just received a phone call to say that Harry passed away peacefully in his sleep early this morning, his passing will be sadly missed by his sons Micheal and Peter and the rest of his family and also to all the community, his poetry, humour and memories of Warrington past will also be missed on this and other sites. RIP Harry and God Bless.

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Oh my goodness that is so very sad  :( :(  I'm sat here typing through tears now :(

Harry was such a lovely man.  I went to his house once and we spent ages chatting.  He was an absolute gem and a real gent.  He had a cracking sense of humor and I was enthralled by all the stories

and memories he talked about both then on my visit and of course on the forum too.  I have to say he was a lot taller that I ever imagined him to be though, well over 6 foot. Glad he sat down when I went

round or I'd have had neck ache.....

I have copies of all the wonderful poetry books he wrote and his latest one about his time on the police force too.  All are fab to read but then Harry had a fab way with words.

He used to sign them all and put funny little vouchers in them with messages on for me especially if he posted me one.  Always used to make me giggle when I got one.

RIP Harry and thanks for all the lovely memories and words....... 'Happy Days' my friend x x x


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Such very sad news. Sincere condolences to his family.


Harry was one of Warrington's best, a talented man and a true gent, who in the telling of his tales has left a legacy of laughter for generations to come.

Thanks, Harry for sharing your tales and 'Happy Days'.

R.I.P. and God Bless X

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The following message was received from Harry's son, Peter, yesterday -

'We've finally got details of Dad's funeral arranged.
Thursday 23rd Feb
12:00 noon at Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church WA4 2LN. (the one on the Knutsford Road, just up from the Fir Grove hotel).
Then 1pm at Walton Lea Crematorium WA4 6TB.
Family flowers only. Donations to St Rocco's Hospice, Warrington.
He always joked that "the number of people attending your funeral depends solely on the weather" so your attendance to prove him wrong would be welcomed.
Please share this post as you are able to spread the word as widely as possible. Thank you.'

I am sure that our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

He will be sadly missed by many !!

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