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Large Map of old Warrington Pubs.


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Milky, I posted it from Photobucket and it was not successful, he problem is the size it is 10,000 9,000 pixels and 17Mb and there doesnt appear to be a site that will host it and still retain the size, unfortunately if I reduce the size it loses definition and is unreadable.

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Such a shame you can't upload it Algy.

Thanks for emailing me a copy though....it’s fab and well done you, it must have taken you many hours to compile. 

I have heard mention of a lot of the pubs, not all I hasten to add as there’s some on there that I’ve never heard of,  but I always struggled to visualise just where they all were and even when I found where one was I then later forgot as time passed.   
What a great idea of yours to mark them like that all on one map as it’s certainly going to help me remember and very interesting too :D

You should write a book…you are so very knowledgeable and you have a fantastic way with words and illustrative aids which make for very easy understanding to us ‘readers’…..fascinating stuff :D

PS I'm your number one fan so if you do ever write a book  I expect a signed copy ha ha :wink: x   

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Diz, no book, I have enough complications in my old life so don't need any more, but thanks for your confidence, and Milky I have joined but when I get the link and pasted to Google search as a test it comes up as not recognizable so any member would like a copy if they send me an email address via messaging on here I shall happily email one to them (max twenty members though).

Post on this topic to say they have message me as I forget to look at my messages inbox.

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