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Like You Would


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Well I got up in the morning,

Like you would.

And I cooked a bit of breakfast,

Like you would

But at the door I stopped.

For a message had been dropped,

And I picked it up, and read it,

Like you would.


"Oh Blimey!" I said,

Like you would,

"Have a read of this,

This is good!"

It said: "I live across the way,

And admire you every day,

And my heart, it breaks without you."

Well, it would.


It said: "I'd buy you furs and jewels,

If I could,"

And I go along with that,

I think he should,

It said: "Meet me in the Park,

When it's good and dark,

And so me wife won't see,

I'll wear a hood."


Oh, I blushed with shame and horror,

Like you would,

That a man would ask me that,

As if I could!

So I wrote him back a letter,

Saying "No, I think it's better,

If I meet you in the Rose and Crown,

Like we did last Thursday."


Pam Ayers


Thank you Kate - I had never read her until today!

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