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Much ado about nothing ?


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They would probably be criticised by FIFA mafia for not playing on their allotted day. Publish & be damned i say, wear the poppy with pride. These FIFA  jerks are trying to say it is a political emblem & not the sign of remembrance that it has been for a hundred years.

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Given the artwork that can be put on pitches these days why not paint a giant poppy on the pitch. Do that for all British matches and really get up fifa's fiddling  governing bodies noses. Better yet get all the players to change their name by deed pole to poppy and see how that pans out with the fifa fiddlers. (Mind you given fifa's track record for bribe taking an few brown envelopes in the right place could easily sort this out.) 8):ph34r::wink: ;-)


By the act of calling it a political statement then surely having the country's flag or other emblem on a football shirt can be said to be more political, more so in fact than the token of remembrance represented by the poppy of Flanders field. Next they will be banning different coloured hairstyles for the same reason.(another option i suppose is to have a poppy spray painted into the hairstyle).

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