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SAS Graves in St Martin's church yard, Hereford


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Many brave SAS soldiers lie in their graves in St Martins Churchyard at the side of the A49 road Hereford and when we visited the city a few weeks back we went to the church and thanked them for the ultimate sacrifice that they all made, one in paritcular was a warrior above all men and should have received a posthumous VC. but because the conflict was not classed as a war he was not able to. R.I.P Sergeant T. Labalaba B.E.M.

These are just a few of the photos I took that day.






Sergeant Talaiasi (Laba) Labalaba BEM. a British - Fijian killed 19 July 1972 in the battle of Mirbat during the Dhofar Rebellion in Oman, which was supported by Communist guerrillas from South Yemen.      











Robert (Bob) Consiglio MM.  Bravo 2 Zero Patrol in the first Gulf War 1991.






Vincent (Vinny) Phillips. Bravo 2 Zero Patrol in the first Gulf War 1991.






Just some of the lads that went down with their helicopter during the 1982 Falklands war.

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It must have been very moving for you to see the graves of these brave men in person Algy and to also go to the church to thanks them for their ultimate sacrifice.  That was a lovely thing for you to do for them.

If the conflict was not classed as a war does that mean that their names wont have been put on any local War Memorials/Cenotaphs either ?

You mentioned one brave soul who's name was Sergeant T. Labalaba B.E.M.  I just googled him and what he did was remarkable.  I also found the facebook page set up in his memory too that was campaigning for him be awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross along with calls for Trooper Thomas Tobin (age 24) to also be awarded one.   Reading what they did and what they and their comrades endured brought tears to my eyes.

Shameful that they were not awarded VC's :( 

RIP brave souls


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