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The Road 2 Oz - Birchwood High - sold out

Geoff Settle

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Wow what a show the learners did really well.


This is the fifth show that has been written for Birchwood learners by Miss Moran and Miss Walsh. It is accompanied by a live six piece band made up of current and former learners.
Everything to me ran smoothly and very professionally. The effort that has been put in would shame most adults as they have put in loads of hours at weekends and after school.


There were some great performances and at the end they received a standing ovation.


The Road 2 Oz has been performed to their partner primaries earlier in the week.


I thought that the wicked witch of the west was fantastic but Mrs. S thought she was too scary and horrible, which proves my point. She preferred the Scarecrow who likes Jamie Kyle. And the four chavs played by the boys were very funny.


Two days left and both nights sold out. :D The audience tonight wanted to watch it all again and they can because they are going to produce the DVD. The learners also looked after the lighting and sound so lots of new skills acquired.


Well done Birchwood High I'm sure other schools are going to put on shows that their family and friends will enjoy. :wink:


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