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I saw a post on social media saying Creamfields had created something for the Warrington worldwide forum whingers to have a moan about. I find to my surprise not a single comment on this year's event.

Well here are the full facts!


Feel free to whinge away!

The problems are getting worse year on year - and mainly for supplying Class A drugs!

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Forgot it was on until somebody mentioned the noise heard across the town on saturday evening. Did hear it but thought it was some flash herbert with a souped upstereo in his car further down the street.


From what i gather there were complaints from as far away as widnes and runcorn. (about creamfields not the  flash herbert down the street that is).


The warrington match and subsequent post mortem was the main topic in our area.

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We could hear it a little bit on the Friday but heard nothing at all on the Saturday night, not even a little beat in the distance.  Last year it was really loud around here and we could even here them taking over the microphones.
I presume after all the complaints last year they must have had some sort of soundproofing deflectors to stop the sound traveling our way.  Shame really as I was looking forward to hearing it for free, I might write in and complain :lol:

Asp, yes I saw the lights :D  They were good but not quite the same without hearing the beat they were flashing too :lol:

I still don't agree with Creamfields being held every year here though especially so close to residential areas.  It must be awful for people living right next to it and for those with young children etc. 

At least we had no trouble around our way and rarely do and I have to say every one I spoke to who was either working there or partying were all really friendly and good fun ...even the ones who were clearly a little worse for wear for 'whatever' reason were pleasant and polite.  I still can't understand the Glaswegian accent though despite a week of it....or Polish etc who hardly spoke any English but we managed to understand each other somehow :lol:

What I DON'T get is how so many drugs get in there considering all the so called searches, sniffer dogs etc etc and how people can seemingly just go around in there hounding people to buy their crap.
I guess festivals are like that though wherever you go :twisted:

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I guess the problem is Egbert that if it wasn't held here it would be held somewhere else so the same problems re drugs would still exist.

There is no way these sorts of organisers would stop putting on their festivals as the money they make is huge.

An interesting comment was made under the news story about it on  here that Warrington Borough Council receives NO MONEY AT ALL from Creamfields being staged here other than the Parish Councils receiving a small donation to their pot.  Halton Parish Council, who gave the licence, receive a £50k payment though.  Seems very unfair considering it's mainly the people of Warrington who are disturbed by it.

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