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Woolston Eye on TV - Country File Sunday 11am

Geoffrey Settle

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Hi just received this from the Warrington Conservation Forum Group

Dear Member


Sorry for the short notice but you may be interested to know that on this Sundays 'Countryfile', BBC1 11am, there will be a piece on the Manchester Ship Canal. This will include shots of the Wooslton Eyes and hopefully some interview footage with Chair of the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group as well as film of the Black necked grebes.


Also the May edition of the BBC Wildlife magazine will include an article by Chris Packham 'Reserve of the Month' and the featured reserve will be (you guessed it!) Woolston Eyes. Hopefully it should bring some positive press to the town and show folk 'it aint grim up north'!!!


Kind regards





There was also a mention in January's edition. So Woolston is firmly on the map of the BBC.
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Did anyone managed to catch the show it was really good, only showed a few minutes of the eye and the team ringing birds one of which was a woodpecker. They spotted 3 Black-necked grebes which are very rare in the UK but love the woolston eye nature reserve.


Her's a link to their site Woolston Eye and a link to Countryfile Countryfile


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