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Karate or Judo - instuctor for possible class

Geoff Settle

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I was out getting the paper this morning and got to the newsagents at 7:30 half an hour too early so I went for a walk.


I saw a man smoking outside a house and joked about him being thrown out for a smoke.


We got chatting as you do and his solution to the two lads who wrecked his fence on Friday evening was national service (he'd done his in South Africa). They'd been fighting each other after drinking and used the fence as a battering ram against each other.


They pushed in one of his fence panels and wrecked the concrete supports.


A thought came to me that maybe if there was a very local Karate or Judo course at Cinny Farm then the youths could lear to fight properly and maybe just maybe understand the ethics and respect that go with those two great sports.


Afterall we've got plenty of fighters around but they are fighting the wrong things :o


So if you know of anyone instructor who is looking for a venue just let me know. :D

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Hi. I am a newly qualifed karate instructor and was thinking of opening my own karate club. As i work in Birchwood and live in Leigh Culcheth or Glazebury would be an ideal place. Culceth already has 2 karate clubs so Glazebury would be a better option. So if you have a venue availabe i may be interested.


Please reply.


Many Thanks

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