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The Eu is happy to encourage foreign labour to undermine existing pay structures & the EU is also happy to tolerate zero hours contracts.


Little wonder there has be peace in Europe for 70 years when the main troublemaker has been offered Euro dominance on a plate.

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Well haven't you been trying for months on these topics, but haven't come up with any solid argument; by which I mean facts that have or are occurring with the EU, not the speculation that has flourished on both sides to date.   8)   Still waiting for you to rebut the points I made in my "for the record post" (bold type) - Undemocratic: Corrupt: Wastefull & Incompetant.

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Well haven't you been trying for months on these topics, but haven't come up with any solid argument; by which I mean facts that have or are occurring with the EU, not the speculation that has flourished on both sides to date.   8)   Still waiting for you to rebut the points I made in my "for the record post" (bold type) - Undemocratic: Corrupt: Wastefull & Incompetant.


I thought you said there could be no factual arguments regarding the referendum?

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I note with interest that whenever these kind of "10 facts about the EU" type things come up, the business backers of the leave side never seems to include the Boss of JCB, and that Dyson bloke who makes vacuum cleaners.... I thought some may find this an interesting observation



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PJ - Just shows how you don't read or just ignore other's posts: I've continually made the point that the only known facts about the EU, are those that have or are happening, anything referring to the future can only be speculation. Now perhaps you can respond to my factual criticisms about what the EU has done and is doing?      8)

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Seems so. We would also still be allowing all sorts of filthy chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc to be pumped all over our food if it wasn't for EU regulations. The power of the lobbyists in this country means all governments find themselves be holding to the huge companies who essentially buy their way to what they want. Like Murdoch said when he goes to Downing Street they do as he says but he is ignored in Brussels

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Oh, and industrial lobbies have no influence in Brussels?   Pull the other leg.   :lol:   This is similar to the argument of those really clever scientists, claiming that loss of EU funding will compromise their research: Well (1) it's not EU money, it's OUR money being controlled by the EU. and (2)  Whilst their may well be an argument that we couldn't trust a UK Tory Gov to spend the money as now; that's a matter for the people of the UK to decide at a General Election in the UK;  otherwise it's a totally defeatist argument coming from the left, who seem to have given up on ever becoming the Gov.    8)B)

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I note with interest that whenever these kind of "10 facts about the EU" type things come up, the business backers of the leave side never seems to include the Boss of JCB, and that Dyson bloke who makes vacuum cleaners.... I thought some may find this an interesting observation




Lord Bamford, although entitled to his opinion , stands amongst very small minority of big businesses when it comes to the EU,  here are some and their letter they each signed




The businesses we lead represent every sector and region of the United Kingdom. Together we employ more than one million people across the country.


Following the Prime Minister’s renegotiation, we believe that Britain is better off staying in a reformed European Union. He has secured a commitment from the EU to reduce the burden of regulation, deepen the single market and to sign off crucial international trade deals.

Business needs unrestricted access to the European market of 500 million people in order to continue to grow, invest and create jobs. We believe that leaving the EU would deter investment and threaten jobs. It would put the economy at risk.

Britain will be stronger, safer and better off remaining a member of the European Union.



  • Nicholas Judd, Founder & Head of Investment, 90 North Real Estate Partners LLP
  • Matt McLaren, Executive Director, Access Ambition Consultancy Services Ltd
  • Tony Fernandes, GCEO, AirAsia and Founder, Tune Group
  • Paul Kahn, President, Airbus Group UK
  • Jacqueline Gold CBE, CEO, Ann Summers
  • Andy Clarke, Chief Executive, Asda
  • Pascal Soriot, CEO, AstraZeneca
  • Sir Adrian Montague CBE, Chairman, Aviva
  • Paul Evans, Group CEO, AXA UK & Ireland
  • Peter Rogers, CEO, Babcock International
  • Sir Roger Carr, Chairman, BAE Systems
  • Saghir Munir, Partner/Director, Baker & Coleman Solicitors Ltd
  • Richard John Carter, Managing Director, BASF plc
  • Ian Baxter, Chairman, Baxter Freight Limited
  • Una Driscoll, Managing Director, Belt up Kidz Ltd
  • Helen Gibbons, Director, Bizlang Limited
  • Dr Ian Robertson, Board Member, BMW AG
  • Helena Boas, Co-Founder, Bodas
  • Bob Dudley, CEO, BP plc
  • Chris Grigg, CEO, British Land
  • Sir Alan Parker, Chairman, Brunswick Group
  • Gavin Patterson, CEO, BT Group plc
  • Sir Mike Rake, Chairman, BT Group plc
  • Christopher Bailey MBE, CEO, Burberry Group plc
  • Sir John Peace, Chairman, Burberry Group plc and Standard Chartered
  • George Iacobescu CBE, Chairman and CEO, Canary Wharf Group
  • Philip Green, Chairman, Carillion
  • Alex Mitchell, Director, Causarma Limited
  • Iain C. Conn, CEO, Centrica
  • Sarah Golding, CEO and Partner, CHI & Partners
  • Christopher Satterthwaite, Chief Executive, Chime Communications Group
  • Laurent Lacassagne, Chairman and CEO, Chivas Brothers
  • Phil Smith, Chief Executive UK and Ireland, Cisco
  • Sonny Leong, Chief Executive Officer, Civil Service College Ltd
  • Stephen Clarke, Partner/Director, CJCH Ltd
  • Ian Breminer, Managing Director, Complete Coffee Ltd
  • Professor Geeta Nargund, Founder and CEO, CREATE Health Limited
  • Tidjane Thiam, CEO, Credit Suisse
  • Cathy Owens, Director, Deryn Consulting Limited
  • Ivan Menezes, CEO, Diageo
  • Peter Callahan, Director, Diamond Dispersions Ltd
  • Seb James, CEO, Dixons Carphone
  • Martha Lane Fox CBE, Founder, Doteveryone and co-founder, Lucky Voice and Lastminute.com
  • Tim Gentles, Chief Executive Officer, Drill Board Worldwide Limited
  • Dame Carolyn McCall, CEO, EasyJet
  • Lindsley Ruth, CEO, Electrocomponents plc
  • Liz Weatherill, Managing Director, Enable2 C.I.C
  • Amjad Bseisu, Chief Executive, EnQuest plc
  • Damien Croft, Director, Esplora Limited
  • Charlie Shaw, Managing Director, Esteiro Business Solutions Limited
  • Adam Shuter, Managing Director, Exact Logistics Limited
  • Roland Rudd, Chairman, Finsbury
  • James Farley, Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Ford
  • Nacho Morais, Director, Frank Consulting Ltd
  • Michael Keegan, Executive Director EMEIA Region, Fujitsu
  • Stewart Wingate, CEO, Gatwick Airport Ltd
  • Mark Elborne, UK CEO, General Electric
  • Nigel Stein, Chief Executive, GKN
  • Hazel Pegg, Director, Glastonbury Online Ltd
  • Richard Gnodde, Co-CEO, Goldman Sachs International
  • Michael Sherwood, Co-CEO, Goldman Sachs International
  • Tom Gosnell, Managing Director, Gosnells Beverages Ltd
  • Juliette Polge de Combret, Director, Green Rendez-Vous Ltd
  • Sir Andrew Witty, CEO, GSK
  • Jenny Halpern Prince, CEO, Halpern
  • David Atkins, Chief Executive, Hammerson plc
  • John Holland-Kaye, CEO, Heathrow
  • Allen Hogan, Managing Director, Hogan's Cider Ltd
  • Ashley Govier, Managing Director, Hotel Services Group Ltd
  • Stuart Gulliver, CEO, HSBC
  • Douglas Flint CBE, Chairman, HSBC
  • Mark Hutchinson, Managing Director, Hutchinson Aerotech
  • Christian Salbaing, Deputy Chairman, Hutchison Whampoa
  • Julian Smith, Director, I Am Enterprises Ltd
  • David Stokes, CEO, IBM
  • Dan Hydes, Managing Director, Ignite Data Ltd
  • Ralf Speth KBE, CEO, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Mahmood Faiz, Director, James William Estate Agents
  • Jane Field, Owner/Founder, Jonny’s Sister
  • Katharine Pooley, Chief Executive and Owner, Katharine Pooley Interior Design
  • Kelly Hoppen MBE, Director, Kelly Hoppen Interiors
  • Martin Dare-Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Ketonex Ltd
  • Veronique Laury, CEO, Kingfisher plc
  • Neil Clifford, Chief Executive, Kurt Geiger
  • Ian Walker, Director, LaundryRepublic Ltd
  • Sir Julian Horn-Smith, Advisory Board Member, LetterOne Technology
  • John Nelson, Chairman, Lloyd’s of London
  • Christopher Parker, Managing Director, London and Scottish International Ltd
  • Xavier Rolet KBE, CEO, London Stock Exchange
  • Debbie Wosskow, Chief Executive Officer, Love Home Swap Ltd
  • Tim Allen, Managing Director, M J Allen Group Ltd
  • Jess Burley, Global CEO, M/Six
  • Mark Reynolds, Chief Executive, Mace Group
  • Charlie Cornish, Chief Executive, Manchester Airports Group
  • Martin Lamb, Director, Maple Consulting Ltd
  • Christopher Peer, Managing Director, Maritime House Limited
  • Rick Haythornthwaite, Chairman, Mastercard
  • Ron Dennis CBE, Chairman and CEO, McLaren Technology Group
  • Clare Hornby, Founder and Creative Director, ME+EM
  • Sir Nigel Rudd, Chairman, Meggitt
  • Doug Dooley, Managing Director, MICC & TRM Ltd
  • Byron Dixon, Chief Executive Officer, Micro-Fresh International
  • Kanya King MBE, CEO and Founder, MOBO Organisations Ltd
  • Rana Harvey, Managing Director, Monster Group (UK) Ltd
  • Fraser Smeaton, Chief Executive, Morphsuits
  • Alan Parker CBE, Chairman, Mothercare
  • Dean Finch, CEO, National Express Group
  • Mary Nelson, Director, Nelson Browne Management Ltd
  • Sam Laidlaw, Chairman, Neptune Oil and Gas
  • Miisa Mink, Chairperson, Nordic Bakery Limited
  • Andrew Mitchell, Chief Executive, North East Finance Ltd
  • Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO and Founder, Nosh Detox
  • Tim Steiner, CEO, Ocado Group
  • Stuart Rose, Chairman, Ocado Group
  • Christina Richardson, CMO, Openr
  • Charlie Thuillier, Managing Director, Oppo Brothers Limited
  • Pia Marocco, Managing Director, Osborne & Partners
  • Luke Brynley-Jones, Managing Director, Our Social Times Ltd
  • Paul Simpson, Director, Paul Simpson Ltd
  • John Fallon, CEO, Pearson
  • Ayman Asfari, CEO, Petrofac
  • Graham Spencer, Executive Director, Plants for Europe Ltd
  • Scott Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, Precept (UK) Ltd
  • Mike Wells, Group Chief Executive, Prudential plc
  • Steve Wadey, CEO, QinetiQ
  • Mary Quicke, Managing Director, Quickes Traditional Ltd
  • Raman Sehgal, Director, Ramarketing & PR Ltd
  • Sir Peter Rigby, CEO & Chairman, Rigby Group PLC
  • Jan du Plessis, Chairman, Rio Tinto Group
  • Warren East CBE, CEO, Rolls Royce
  • Ben Van Beurden, CEO, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Stephen Hester, CEO, RSA Insurance
  • Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive, Ryanair
  • Alan Clark, CEO, SABMiller
  • Alison Edgar, Managing Director, Sales Coaching Solutions Ltd
  • Nathan Bostock, CEO, Santander UK
  • Shriti Vadera, Chair, Santander UK
  • Caroline Cole, Director, Savoir Faire Accounting Ltd
  • Tori Chilcott, Co-Founder, Scoota
  • Rupert Soames OBE, CEO, SERCO
  • Juergen Maier, UK CEO, Siemens
  • Mark Lyndon, Director, Signature Marketing Limited
  • Simon Barrow, Director, Simon Barrow Associates
  • Melanie Goldsmith, Director, Smith & Sinclair Ltd
  • Jonathan Grubin, CEO, SoPost Ltd
  • Doug Squires, Director, Squires Gear and Engineering Limited
  • Bill Winters, CEO, Standard Chartered
  • Ian Barnett, Director, Surfanic International Ltd
  • Dr Heather McGregor CBE, CEO, Taylor Bennett
  • Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive, Telefonica O2 UK
  • Sara Bell, CEO, Tempus Energy
  • Billy Walker, Managing Director, The Benriach Distillery Company Ltd
  • Daniel Williams, Managing Director, The Bottle Shop (Penarth) Ltd
  • Jay Risbridger, Director, The Green Stationery Company Ltd
  • Sally Greene OBE, Chief Executive, The Old Vic
  • Margo Marrone, Co-Founder, The Organic Pharmacy
  • Rory Curnock Cook, Director, The Profs Tuition Ltd
  • Lady Ruth Rogers MBE, Owner, The River Café
  • Niamh Barker, Managing Director, The Travelwrap Company Ltd
  • John Harries, Proprietor, Three Horseshoes Inn
  • Stephen Weil, Managing Director, TI Partners
  • Bernardo Ivo Cruz, Global Managing Partner, True Bridge Consultancy
  • Peter Long, Supervisory Board Member & former Chief Executive, TUI Travel
  • Olivier Dochez, Chief Executive Officer, Two Guys From Brussels
  • Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever
  • Lucian Grainge CBE, Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Group
  • Kate Unsworth, Founder and CEO, Vinaya
  • Peter Berry, Managing Partner, VIP Labels
  • Tom Mockridge, Chief Executive, Virgin Media
  • Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO, Virgin Money
  • Ian Taylor, CEO and President, Vitol
  • Vittorio Colao, CEO, Vodafone
  • Sir Peter Kendall, Director, W J Kendall Contracting Limited
  • Kasim Ali, Director, Waterloo Tea Limited
  • Keith Cochrane, Chief Executive, Weir Group
  • Sir Terence Matthews, Chairman, Wesley Clover
  • Karren Brady, Vice-Chairman, West Ham FC
  • Dr Uwe Kruger, Chief Executive, WS Atkins
  • Rich Clothier, Managing Director, Wyke Farms
  • These individuals have stated they are signing in a personal capacity:
  • Greg Hodkinson, Chairman, Arup
  • Andrew Mackenzie, CEO, BHP Billiton
  • Paul Walsh, CEO, Compass Group
  • Kathryn Parsons, Co-Founder and CEO, Decoded
  • Rupert Pearce, CEO, Inmarsat
  • Richard Reed, Co-Founder, Innocent Drinks and Jam Jar Investments
  • Patrick O'Sullivan, Chairman of ERS Ltd, Lloyds of London
  • Marc Bolland, CEO, Marks and Spencer
  • Karen Blackett OBE, Chairwoman, MediaCom
  • Steve Holliday, CEO, National Grid
  • Gail Rebuck DBE, Chairman, Random House UK
  • Graham Chipchase, Chief Executive, Rexam
  • Dido Harding, Chief Executive, TalkTalk
  • Lloyd Dorfman, President, Travelex
  • Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive, Ultra Electronics Holding
  • Stefano Pessina, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP
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And a letter in the Telegraph with even more names.... So we have established that Business doesn't know either way too...


SIR – Britain is the fifth biggest economy in the world and, on current projections, will overtake Germany to become Europe’s powerhouse. Britain is America’s largest inward investor, and our openness and dynamism mean we attract more inward investment than any other European country.

Three of the world’s top 10 universities are British, we speak the international language of business, our legal system is trusted round the world and we have an unrivalled reputation for innovation and creativity.

These are just some of the reasons we believe that Britain is world-class. However, we also believe that Britain’s competitiveness is being undermined by our membership of a failing EU.

Year-on-year the EU buys less from Britain because its economies are stagnant and millions of people are unemployed. According to Mervyn King, the former governor of the Bank of England, the euro “might explode”. Brussels’ red tape stifles every one of Britain’s 5.4 million businesses, even though only a small minority actually trade with the EU.

It is business – not government – which generates wealth for the Treasury and jobs for our communities. Outside the EU, British business will be free to grow faster, expand into new markets and create more jobs. It’s time to vote leave and take back control.

Arun Ahluwalia, Director, Opera Opera Opticians

Kay Alexander, Founder, Kay Alexander   

Andrew Allum, Partner, LEK Consulting

John Amor, Owner, The Wight Hotel

Arabella Arkwright, Co-Founder, Core Health & Wellness

Johnnie Arkwright, Chief Executive, Hatton Technology Park

Iftikhar Awan, Director, Awan Consulting

Farzana Baduel, Founder, Curzon PR

Jeremy Bagge, Director, Stradsett Estate Farms

Iain Baillie, Founder & Co-Chief Executive, Asset Match

Davinder Bains, Director, A1 Labour Supply

David Baldwin, Managing Director, Bymed

Neil Ballantyne, Managing Director, Ballantynes of Walkerburn

Diane Banks, Chief Executive, Diane Bank Associates

Patrick Barbour, Former Chairman, Barbour Index & Microgen

Dave Barnby, Proprietor, Books2buyBooks2write

Martin Barraclough, Chairman, Giles W Pritchard-Gordon (Shipowning)

Peter Barrow, Commercial Director, Barco Sales

Oliver Barton, Owner, Oliver's Kitchen

Andrew Baxter, Managing Director, Europa Worldwide Logistics

Neville Baxter, Director, RH Development Property

Nigel Baxter, Managing Director, RH Commercial Vehicles

Kevin Bell, Director, CDM 2014

Martin Bellamy, Chairman and Chief Executive, Salamanca Group

Dave Bentley, Ecological Consultant, Dave Bentley Ecology Services

Grahame Berkeley, Chairman, Berkeley Burke Group

Stephen Bernhard, Founder, Bernhard Grinders & Co

Saqib Bhatti, Director, Younis Bhatti & Co

Robin Birley, Proprietor, 5 Hertford Street

Peter Bishop, Managing Director & Founder, Bishop GmbH

Edward Bonnar, Director, Beaufort & Blake

Gareth Bott, Founder, R.E.P Air Services

Peter Botting, Founder, Peter Botting

Simon Boyd, Director, John Reid & Sons

Ivor Braka, Director, Ivor Braka

Rob Bransgrove, Chairman, The Ageas Bowl

Simon Brewer, Chief Executive, Vantage Investment Advisory

Harriet Bridgeman, Founder, Bridgeman Art Library

Stephen Britt, Managing Director, Anchor Storage Solutions

James Bromley, Director, Quality of Sales

Andrew Brown, Director, Haircut House

Ian Brown, Managing Director, Industrial Maintenance Engineers (IME Contracts)

David Buik, Market Commentator, Panmure Gordon & Co

Dominic Burke, Group Chief Executive, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group  

Jeremy Burrowes, Director, Grove Mill Developments

Thomas Burton, Director, Agri Farm Services

Tony Byrne, Managing Director, Wealth & Tax Management

Michael Campbell, Chairman, The Ellis Campbell Group

Lee Canning, Director, Leaflet Distribution and Promotional Services

Mark Cannon Brookes, Director, Smith & Williamson Investment Management

Hugh Cavendish, Chairman, Holker Estate Group

Julian Cazalet, Chairman, Herald Investment Trust

Peter Chadha, Chief Executive, DrPete Technology Experts

Ian Chamberlain, Director & Owner, Berkeley Entertainments

Carl Chambers, Non-Executive Director, CNG

Chris Chatfield, Managing Director, Compass Travel

Peter Chesterfield, Former Executive Chairman, Wessex Asset Management

Moorad Choudhry, Former Chief Executive, Habib Bank  

Aftab Chughtai, Director, AFTABS

Adam Cleary, Chief Executive, Cavenham Capital

Reg Clifton, Proprieter, QED Electrical Services

Andrew Clowes, Director, AHC & Partners

Paul Coffin, Managing Director , Capital Financial Markets

Colin Coldwell, UK Managing Director, InfoQuest

Tim Congdon, Founder, Lombard Street Research

Steve Conley, Managing Director, Protol Comar

John Cook, Managing Director, Croudace Properties Group

Anthony Coombs, Chairman, S&U  

David Cooper, Director, Commercial Litigation Funding

Andrew Cope, Chairman, Zenith

Daniel Corrigan, CME European Trade Repository, Chief Executive

Alan Cosby, Chairman, G B Kent & Sons  

James Crocker, Managing Partner, Howell & Co Solicitors

Peter Cruddas, Chief Executive, CMC Markets  

Philip Cullimore, Chairman, Eastman Kodak SARL

Richard Cuming, Partner, Bygones Torquay

Jonathan Dancy, Managing Partner, JCR Associates

Kevin Davies, Director, KDM Events

Kenneth Davy, Chairman, SimplyBiz

Damon de Laszlo, Chairman, Harwin  

Patrick de Pelet, Partner, Bowden Farms and Services

David Dean, Commercial Manager, INRG Solar

Alexander Deane, Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Bill Dixon, Director, Cumbria X Press

Judith Donovan, Chairman, DIY Direct Marketing

Steve Dowdle, Former Vice President, Sony Europe

William Drake, Co-Founder, Lord North Street

Simon Dunn, Managing Director, Stayway

John Elliott, Chairman, Ebac

Graham Ellis, Founder, Ellis Transport Services

Michael Faber, Chairman, Lyall Management

Nicholas Fairfax, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Hawki Worldwide

R H Fewster, Chairman, Dalsara

John Fifield, Chairman, Fifield Glyn

Nick Finegold, Chief Executive, Curation Corporation

Peter Finnie, Former Chief Engineer, Cranswick Country Foods

Scott Fletcher, ANS Group, Chairman & Founder

Howard Flight, Chairman, Flight & Partners

Lance Forman, Owner, H. Forman & Son

Rocco Forte, Executive Chairman, The Rocco Forte Collection

Joe Foster, Co-Founder, Reebok

Mark Fox, Managing Director, MEK

David Franks, Chairman, Redcomb Pubs

David S Franks, Chief Executive, Franks Advances

Michael Freeman, Co-founder, Argent Property Group

Harry Fuchs, Chief Executive, Haryl (1991)

Anthony Fuller, President, Fuller, Smith & Turner

Roger Gabb, Director, Bibendum Wine

Alexei Garan, Founder & Principal, Receptis Capital

Rupert Gather, Chairman, Invest UK

Michael Geoghegan, Former Chief Executive, HSBC Group  

Peter Gilbert, Proprietor, Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course

Peter Goldstein, Co-Founder, Superdrug Stores  

Anthony Good, Chairman, Cox & Kings Travel

Bill Good, Chief Executive, Diverco

Phil Good, Chief Executive, Hopewiser

Campbell Gordon, Managing Partner, Optimus Capital LLP

Chris Gower, Founder, Lawbrook Partners LLP

Alexander Graham, Former Deputy Chairman, The Frizzell Group

Roddy Graham, Director, THB Group

Richard Green, Partner , Parkinson Wright Solicitors

Tim Guinness, Chief Investment Officer, Guinness Atkinson

Justin Hall, Chief Executive, Protocol Global

Alan Halsall, Former Chairman, Silver Cross

Frederick Hamilton, Director, Dscribe

Michael Hancocks, Former Director, New Metals & Chemicals

Giles Hankinson, Business Development Director, Paperless Receipts

Peter K Hargreaves, Co-Founder, Hargreaves Lansdown

Elaine Harries, Managing Director, Action Express

Kevin Harrington, Chief Executive, one2one Digital

Ian Harris, Proprietor, N Bloom & Son

David Hartley, Director, Bymed Surgical

John Hatt, Founder, cheapflights.com

Jeremy Hawke, Director, BMR Group  

Adrian Hayes, Business Coach

Oliver Hemsley, Chief Executive Officer, Numis Securities

Ian Herbert, Chief Executive Officer, Vistair Systems

Jonathan Heywood, Managing Director, IFP-UK

John Hickman, Chairman and Founder, Kingston Estates

Robert Hiscox, Honorary President, Hiscox Insurance

Will Hobhouse, Chairman, Heal's

Daniel Hodson, Chairman, BPL (Holdings)

Mark Hodson, Managing Director, Spirthill Business Development

John Hoerner, Former Chief Executive Officer, Tesco Clothing (UK and Central Europe)

Christine Hogg, Director, CAMS Fire & Security  

Roger Holehouse, Chairman, Fernwood Group

Margaret Hook, Director, Darlena

Jeremy Hosking, Founder, Hosking & Co

Kevin Hughes, Director, Trull House Stud

Varimder Hundal, Director, Universal Brothers

David Hunter, Director, Smith & Williamson

Adrian Huston, Director, Huston & Co Tax Consultants & Accountants

Graham Hutton, Founder, Hutton Collins Partners LLP

William Hynett, Chief Executive, Britten-Norman

Malcolm Innes, Founder, Malcolm Innes Pictures

Clive Jacobs, Chairman, Jacobs Media Group

Ajay Jagota, Chief Executive, KIS Group

Jack Jenkins, Partner, Hitchenor Wakeford

Paul Jenkins, Director, NorthIT

Mike Jepson, Managing Director, MTP Innovations

Adrian Johnson, Former Chief Executive, LGV Capital

Arthur Jones, Founder, ANJ Executive

William Jones, Chairman, Global Village

Dr Bernard Juby, Medical Practitioner

Nicholas Jupe, Director, NJ Consulting

Saleem Kader, Chief Executive, Bombay Stores Group

Stanley Kalms, Founder, Business for Sterling

Chris D Kelly, Chairman, Keltruck

Geoffrey Kelly, Managing Director, Euro Strategies

Alistair Kelman, Chief Executive, Cachebox TV

John Kersey, Managing Director, Kersey Hairdressing

George Kieffer, Director, Piazza Rights

Adrian King, Founder, K T & Partners

Brian Kingham, Chairman, Reliance Security Group  

David Kirk, Director, David Kirk & Co

Nicholas Kirk, Director, Aslan Investments

Peter Kleeman, Founding Chairman, Allside Asset Management Company

Harry Langton, Director, Langton Watzdorf Inernational

Robert Law, Managing Director, AGD Equipment

James Lee, Partner, J&S Farms

Michael Liebreich, Founder, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Craig Lindsay, Director, Core Specialist Services

Jonathan Little, Managing Partner, Northill Capital LLP

Royston Lloyd-Baker, Partner, Lloyd-Baker & Associates LLP

John Longworth, Former Director General, British Chamber of Commerce

Mark Loveday, Former Senior Partner, Cazenove & Co

Rupert Lowe, Former Chairman, Southampton Leisure Holdings

Gary Lydiate, Chief Executive Officer, Kilfrost Group  

William MacDougall, Co-Managing Director, MacDougall Arts

Colin Mackenzie, Founder, CompareGroup

Alastair MacMillan, Founding Director, White House Products

Colin Maitland, Chairman, Netcentrix

Tim Martin, Chairman, JD Wetherspoon  

Graham Mason, Owner, M54 Self Storage

John May, Founder, Hillhouse Nexus

Adrian McAlpine, Partner, Sir Robert McAlpine  

Peter McLane, Founder and Managing Director, Indigo Software  

James Mellor, Chief Executive, Rainbow Trout Films  

Keith Miles, Former Financial Director, Institute of Economic Affairs

Edgar Miller, Managing Director, Palladian  

Marcus Miller, Managing Director, Millers Bespoke Bakery  

Phillip Miller, Chairman and Chief Executive, Adventure Island

Philip Milton, Investment Fund Manager and Senior IFA, Philip Milton & Co  

Tom Moloney, Founder, Transair Flight Equipment

Gary Mond, Managing Director, Redcliffe Training Associates

David Mond, Chief Executive, ClearDebt Group

Julian Morgan, Joint Managing Director and Owner, KPM-Marine  

Philip Morrell, Owner, Magna Carta Steamship Co  

Luke Morris, Partner, Larking Gowen

Jon Moulton, Chairman, Better Capital LLP

Jon Moynihan, Chairman, Ipex Capital

Richard Mulligan, Managing Director, Impact Electrical Distributors  

Paul Munday, Managing Director, Fiscal House

Andy Nichols, Owner, Blacksmith & More

Christopher Nieper, Managing Director, David Nieper  

Richard Norton, Former Director, HSBC Project and Export Finance

Roderick Oliver, Proprietor, Field 'n Family Petcare Services

Mark Owen, Proprietor, Fulwood Computers

Ian Page, Chairman, CTL Components

Kevin Pakenham, Co-Founder, Pakenham Partners  

Tim Parker, Chief Executive, Messels  

Stewart Paterson, Fund Manager, Tiburon Partners LLP

Richard Patient, Managing Director, Thorncliffe

Simon, Pearson-Miles, Chairman, Sterling Financial Print

Jeffrey, Peel, Founder, Quadriga Consulting

Adrian Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, Pepper Media Group

Andrew Perloff, Director, Panther Securities

Michael Petley, Chief Investment Officer, The ECU Group  

Richard Post, Proprietor, Architectural Ideas

David Powell, Chairman, Powell Engineering UK  

Bruno Prior, Managing Director, Forever Fuels  

Emma Pullen, Chief Executive, British Hovercraft

Mark Pursey, Managing Partner, BTP Advisers

David Pusinelli, Non-Executive Director, Charles Stanley Group  

Rollo Reid, Director, John Reid & Sons  

David Reid Scott, Former Chairman, Stonehage Fleming

Chris Riley, Executive Chairman, Verisio

Jamie Robb, Managing Director, Marlborough Tiles

Alan Roberts, Managing Director, Alan Roberts & Co Solicitors

Robin Ronaldshay, Director, Zetland Estates  

Clive Rook, Founder & ex-Managing Director, Rook Matthews Sayer Property

Frank Rotherham, Managing Director, Ventcroft  

Simon Rowland, Chief Executive, Veritas International

Richard Royden, Director, Royden & Co

Christopher Russell, Managing Director, Watercare International  

John Sanders, Former Non-Executive Director, CIT Bank

Andrew Saunders, Financial Director, Scotchcoulthard

Savvas Savouri, Chief Economist & Partner, Toscafund Asset Management LLP

Charles Sebag Montefiore, Senior Independent Director, Scholium Group  

Graham Sedgley, Principal, Peplow Recruitment Services

Patrick Sheehy, Founder Chairman , BAT  

David Shipley, Managing Partner, Spitfire Capital Advisors

Peter Shirley, Managing Director, Midland Food Group

Denys Shortt, Chairman & Chief Executive, Enable.com

Christian Siegl, Executive Director, Sovereign Star Trade Finance

David Sismey, Managing Director, Goldmans Sachs

Andrew Smith, Director, Capital Management Resources LLP

Tracy Smith, Founder, Plummers Place Guesthouse

Percy Snow, Director, Snows Commercials  

Bernard Sparkes, Managing Director, Tubby Brands  

David Speakman, Founder, Travel Counsellors  

Peter Stabler, Director, The Oswald Partnership  

Charles Stone, Director, Calcot Hotels

Richard Stoughton, Chairman, Crossflight  

Phil Strong, Managing Director, Chameleon Bar & Dining

Andrew Sutcliffe, Managing Director, Nu Level  

Rhoddy Swire, Founder, Pantheon Ventures

Mark Thackray, Director, Textronix  

Brian Thomas, Director, Thomas Tooling  

Paul Thomas, Director, Thomas Tooling  

Peter Thompson, Former Chairman, NFC

Clive Thorne, Partner, Wedlake Bell LLP

John Thorpe, Founder & Technical Director, Millennia Computer Services  

Susan Todd, Director, Solent Motor Homes  

John Toppin, Partner, Nomizon Associates

Jeremy Tozer, Managing Director, Tozer Consulting  

Tim Trotter, Chairman, Glenfern

Edmund Truell, Chairman, Disruptive Capital

Denzil Vallance, Managing Director, Great Heck Brewing Co  

Victor van Amerongen, Chairman & Creative Director, Space City Production

Alexander van Terheyden, Chief Executive, Schneider Camara LLP

Simon Vicary, Managing Director, Vicary Plant Spares UK  

Amanda Vigar, Managing Partner, V&A Vigar Group

Chris Vincent, Managing Director, Orchardleigh

Nigel Vinson, Former Director, British Airports Authority

Peter Walton, Director, C Walton  

Stuart Waring, Chairman, Heaton Holdings

Tim Watts, Chairman, Pertemps Investments  

Penelope Wayne, Director, Penway Homes  

David Webster, Former Chairman, IHG  

Michael Webster, Co-Founder, Gorkana

Simon Wells, Director, Delta T Group

Adam Wethered, Co-Founder, Lord North Street

Mark Wheatley, Common Councilman, City of London

Stuart Wheeler, Founder, IG Group  

Mark Whelan, Owner, Confused2Move

Andrew White, Former Partner, Mayer Brown

Bert Wiegman, Managing Partner, Langholm Capital

Jack Wigglesworth, Founder and former Chairman, LIFFE

Stephen, Wilkinson, Managing Director, CAS Recruitment

Brian Williamson, Senior Advisor, Fleming Family & Partners Wealth Planning  

John Winter, Chief Executive, Ruxley Ventures  

Brian Winterflood, Founder, Winterflood Securities

John Wright, Managing Director, Modern Design Group

Brian Yeardley, Founder, Brian Yeardley Continental  

Phil Yorke, Managing Director, Crosshatch Honing Services  

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Think in your confidence in "experts", you've lost track of why the public are ignoring them. These are, by and large, the same "experts" or interest groups, that wanted us to join the ERM - disaster; join the Euro - shambles. This isn't just a vote to leave the EU, it's a vote against political establishments, that have lost touch with their public. Now it may not cut any ice with those not born at the time of the ERM crisis or Euro debate; but hopefully enough will remember and vote accordingly, even if it does mean the loss of their bus pass !     8)

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Think in your confidence in "experts", you've lost track of why the public are ignoring them. These are, by and large, the same "experts" or interest groups, that wanted us to join the ERM - disaster; join the Euro - shambles. This isn't just a vote to leave the EU, it's a vote against political establishments, that have lost touch with their public. Now it may not cut any ice with those not born at the time of the ERM crisis or Euro debate; but hopefully enough will remember and vote accordingly, even if it does mean the loss of their bus pass !     8)


so which of the experts do you know more than Observer?  Tell me again, what do you do for a living?  Nobel prize winning economist? head of NATO? Chairman of the Bank of England? I could go on.  So come on, what job are you in that qualifies you to rubbish their claims?


So its a protest vote, not based in whats best for Britain, just a chance to give a bloody nose to some politicians, aided and abetted by some politicians :) :) :)

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Small businesses make up the vast majority of employers in this country but it is the large corporations that supposedly have the vested interest in staying in the EU. In that case there shouldn't even be a James Dyson or Lord Bamford batting for the leave campaign at all.... especially one like Bamford who has the audacity to trade with 150 countries and still want to leave. Now he can hardly be classed as a swivel eyed loon or a racist... but no doubt the remain lot will have a try at that at some point. 


You also have to take into account that many of the ones in post at the moment could well be shackled to thinking the way are told to think.... otherwise, why would the Chief of the British Chambers of Commerce resign his position so he could freely express his opinions on why a Brexit would provide a brighter future for UK businesses?

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 Chief of the British Chambers of Commerce resign his position so he could freely express his opinions on why a Brexit would provide a brighter future for UK businesses?


Because he overstepped the rules of his employment perhaps?  


ps.  more SME support remain than support leave but admittedly a smaller majority than the big companies.

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