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St Paul's Infant & Sunday School


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I am doing a project on the origins of Warrington RLFC.  The club goes back to 1876 and a meeting at St Paul’s Infants/Sunday School.


I have managed to locate St Paul’s Sunday School from 1868 to 1887.  It was on Kendrick Street (around the west end of the Travelodge).  It would have been opposite the Infirmary.


The Sunday School re-located to Hoyle Street in 1887, but the infants school remained, although I don't know when it closed.


St Paul’s Boy’s School was on Heathside and the Girl's School was next to the Infants/Sunday School.


I wonder if anyone has a picture of any of the St Paul's Schools when they were in Kendrick Street and Heathside.


Thank You.

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I have a booklet from the memories series called memories of Warrington and that has a short section entitled a potted history of warrington rlfc but only starts at 1879 with the statement that the club was formed by the amalgamation of padgate and zingari rugby union clubs to form warrington rufc.


book called memories of warrington with an isbn number 1 900 463 70 90. Had good look through it and it has a[picture of the infirmary only.Might be worth looking on the my warrington website as well as they have quite a variety of photographs of the area.

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Thanks Sid


Recent research has shown that the rugby league club was founded in 1876 as Warrington Zingari. A year later the name was changed to Warrington Football Club, still the registered name today.


St Paul's Infants/Sunday School later was just known as Heathside Infants. I believe that it closed in the mid-1970's. I don't know when the building was demolished. The infirmary opposite closed in 1980 and Midland Way opened in 1996. So it is likely that the school was demolished between 1980 and 1996.


There will be a number of people aged 45+ who will have attended Heathside Infants.


There has been a previous thread on this forum about the Heathside schools, but I did not see any pictures.


I have tried the library/museum, but unfortunately they do not have any photos.

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