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Latchford Railway Bridge


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I understand its barely staying up and would costs a fortune to renovate or remove. Perhaps use it as a railway....nah too radical that.


Typical Warrington everything is in disrepair and on the verge of falling down. When was it last used, anyone know?

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Think the line closed in 1962 to passenger traffic and then deemed unsafe in 1985 so the rest was shut. (Wikipedia)


Interesting, anyone know were the line went to/from. I know a few years ago there was a proposal to link Warrington with the Manchester tram system and they were to use the old track line, i guess they are not going ahead with it.


You would expect MSC, or whatever they are called these days, to have an interest in ensuring their bridges are ship shape & Bristol fashion. Could be embarrassing if the cut was closed by a fallen railway bridge.


Is the bridge maintenance not the responsibility of the railway company, who ever it is these days???


As bricks are being thrown from the bridge should it not be demolished?

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seeing as network rail own all the tracks i would think that it is their responsibility.


there is still some track along that line running parallel to st mary street and petering out where st mary street  joins park avenue. the other end goes under bridge at wilderspool causeway and on to bank quay and was the line that goes under the station.

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Peel Ports.

Talking of Peel, I'm beginning to wonder if they have got bigger problems on their plate, they were committed up to their necks in the huge Port Salford project and that's gone very quiet...and late.

Still, if it saves the towns bridges from opening and closing every five minutes I'm not complaining.

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I would think that if Port Salford materialises then it is imperative that Warrington installs high level bridges asap across what will be a much busier canal ....no good messing about with traffic disruptive swing bridges any longer than necessary.

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