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Things you can't buy anymore

Latchford Locks

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I was looking for a few things in Sainsburys today when up into my head popped the question..

Why don't bakeries produce Thick and Thin loaves nowadays I think one brand name was a Twinnie and another was The 50/50 Loaf.

Maybe a ploy to get us to buy two loaves instead ???

For single folk they used to be ideal

Anyone got anything they want but can't buy anymore ?

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Kelloggs Puffa Puffa Rice... they stopped making it about 2 months before I went working on Kelloggs in Manchester. Best cereal they ever made


and the Frys 5 centres chocolate....miss that too

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Strange you should say that latch, whist clearing mums house out last week i came across a green shield stamp catalogue in nearly new condition. Wondering now if it went in the bin and if it might be worth a few bob.


I still have a book or two of greenshield stamps that sit in my Granadas glovebox... I'm saving up enough for a biro :)

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I saw some Wrights Coal Tar soap in Wilkos and had to have some.

After getting it home and reading the box, I found it contains none of the original ingredients and it's made in Turkey.

Now there's a surprise  :lol:

Colmans mustard nowadays tastes so very different it's bland and tasteless as well, guess in both cases our EU friends have demanded certain ingredients be removed to protect us humph  :cry:

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"oh the esso sign means happy motoring

the esso sign means happy motoring

the esso sign means happy motoring

call at the esso sign.


or even "

bum bum bum bum bum esso blue" :D


"For esso Extra !! and Super esso too !!"

Always from Naylors Service Station Victoria Buildings Stockton Heath.

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