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Street Lighting


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On 12/1/2017 at 1:26 PM, Togger1 said:

So glad you accept God as a "He" lol. 

bugger... I didn't think that one through did I :oops::lol:

Saying that though men are clearly always to blame for everything that goes wrong and with the state of the world these days then yes god is deffo still a 'he'.

If God was a 'she' she would have slapped some faces and done some swift kicks to the gonads many moons ago and had the whole words problems all it all sorted by now..bring on the Goddess is what I say..the time is right  :lol:

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:lol:  :lol:  Maybe over the female of our species would have evolved like stick insects though...they don't need a male to reproduce.

Female on her own lays 'eggs' which quickly hatch as more females and so they go on via the female line.  Male on it's own is useless and with no mate just dies...no offspring either.

Female + Male mate and those eggs hatch as female and male.

Our son was given a stick insect once...sods law the one we got was female...talk about taking over the world..we had hundreds of the blummin' things before we knew it AARGH lol

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5 hours ago, observer said:

Not to worry Diz, with kids being mixed up with gender identity issues, we're well on the way there; and I suppose God is really a Tranny !       :D

Simply trying to offend the religious and LGBT groups in your post, thats a really poor show? Surely you can cram in an attack on immigrants, you do in virtually every other topic.

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So back to the new(ish) street lighting then...has anyone else noticed that when it's foggy, as it is tonight, that the new street lamps make visibility more far difficult in the fog especially when you are driving.

The light from the new street lamps seems to cause a large cone shaped glow and is very odd...and combined with the glow of headlights from another angle it's really hard to see.  The old lamps seemed to disperse the light better in the fog.

 Be careful out there tonight everyone as it's icy too under foot :(  Not good at all :(

Anyone spotted any gritters about ?

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