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One for the Cyclists....


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At around £10.00 a can with a seven to ten day period before having to spray again i very much doubt it will catch on. I also believe that the results shown in the video were slightly (a whole lot better) than what actually can be achieved. the product is also available from the people who originally developed it. Worth having a quick google to see just what was thought of the idea.

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Maybe I should have googled as I thought it was a permanent spray coating  :oops: I did wonder about using it on clothing though and what stopped it being it washed off.

Oh well it looked good to me for a little while until you burst my bubble Evils. :lol: 

Now you have made me think though I guess any cyclist who would go to the trouble of using it would obviously be road safety aware anyway so would already wear reflective clothing and have lights etc.

So now for my next question for all those that can't be bothered to make themselves visible (and there are a lot of them grrr) is WHY don't bike manufacturers just take control and put reflective particles in their paint/lacquer or even put reflective strips on them ?  I guess most bikes are made abroad and very cheaply though so that would be a no-goer.

Ah well, I might as well just shut up now as I don't ride a bike anyway.  Far too dangerous especially with me in control 8)

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I can't see our bicycling friends being able to afford special paint at an outrageous tenner a can, not when they've already had to fork out for essential safety items like black hooded jackets and earphones.


some of their silly machines cost more than cars FBJ

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