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I said it would get silly.


1. I wasn't a councillor then.

2. Bewsey Old Hall isn't in Bewsey ward (and if it was, would certainly not have been the most significant and important building in the ward).

3. It wasn't owned by the Council.


I'd have to check but I'm not sure the wall paintings were damaged in the fire.


!.  I never said you were, you did however claim to have supported the conversion into flats.

2.  It is in Bewsey, well perhaps the constant tinkering with voting areas may at times put it in and out of voting wards but it is in Bewsey, there is even a clue in the title.

3. Really?  


you go check the damage report Steve and then see what lengths Urban Splash went to in order to protect the paintings.

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3) and WBC never owned Bewsey Old Hall even though it was bought by Warrington New Town/the council in the 70's?  I wonder how long it was owned by them for and when they actually sold it on, does anyone know?


Have to say I am finding it all rather funny to read though although slightly worrying at the same time.  Best get onto the authors and publishers of all the local history books, maps and things to get them corrected eh ? :lol:




In my view Bewsey OLd Hall should have become a wedding venue\restaurant\bar, that way it would have been at least accessible to the public.


Wasn't the old hall sold to the preservation trust for £1, but not sure what the developers bought it for. Searched the Land Registry but there are no public records of sale I can find.

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