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The quest for longevity ?


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Sick to the back teeth of this nanny state interference one thing after another.

My Grandad smoked 20 Woodbine a day and called in the Cheshire Cheese on his way home from work for a few pints.

He left this mortal coil at the age of 76..

That's not bad going without any statins/sugar police/fat controllers/  etc etc etc 

That would do me  :P

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My grandad was 90 odd when he died...smoked woodbines too but from about the age of 9, served in France in WW1 and walked up to the Imperial on Bewsey Road most days up until he died, again for a few pints.... boiled sheeps heads on the gas cooker at home and ate all sorts of food we would simply cringe at today....My great Uncle, served on board HMS Canada during WW1 and saw action at Jutland against the Kaisers fleet, lived on Bagot avenue and walked to St Albans club on Bewsey Road and smoked a pipe... he was 100 when he died.... 


The problem is today that the government try all sorts of things to keep us alive longer but then give you a miserable existence once they have managed to extend your life... might as well enjoy it and live it to the full.... because you never know when your game is up

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Well it was only a one and a half pint drinking session last night so hopefully I've gained some longevity. 

I went to that newish pub at the junction of Winwick Road and Cromwell Avenue.

Can't remember it's name but wont forget the size of the plate pie they served me.

Nice but so ridiculously big I only managed to eat half of it and probably wont need to eat again for a week now.



Bill :)

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I think it was Groucho Marx who was quoted as saying in his latter years he was ordered not to drink alcohol, or smoke cigars and have muesli for breakfast and fruit juice, no coffee, and no fried foods etc. He said he was told at the time it may make him live longer, whether true or not, he said it will certainly seem longer!

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I had this discussion the other day with my wife.... what on earth is the point in doctors being able to bring you back from the point of death, only for the extended life to be spent sat in a chair in front of the TV while you dribble constantly into a cup of cold tea for 5 more years?

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