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Coffee lounge on Horsemarket St.

pommie lass

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Since I made contact with my old school friend Wendy (thanks to all you kind people) I have been thinking a lot about Warrington in the old days (as you have probably noticed).  Now I have come up with another question. 

I remember in the 60s we used to go to a coffee lounge in Horsemarket St I think it was. Could have been further down on Winwick though.  It was quite a popular hangout.  I think it may have been called the Copacabana and there was a painting of a palm tree on the window.  It was on the right hand side going away from Market Gate.  Of course I may have got this all wrong as it is so long ago.  Does anyone else remember the place?

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On Horsemarket St there was Carters Cafe somewhere between the Blue Bell and The Central pubs it was there in early the early 60's as my form teacher always went there for her lunch.

The Beachcomber was on that spare ground next to where Mike and Martha's is now.

I would love a photo of it as I used to go in around 1966

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The Beachcomber was on Winwick Street opposite Frodsham's. It was populated by the town's Hells Angel in the evenings & came complete with juke box & several flipper/pinball machines.

Maybe once but in 1967 as they had grown a bit older and moved to the Vulcan pub on Dallam Lane.

I have a photo but don't know how to post it  :oops:

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