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Black Bear Canal

pommie lass

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The Black Bear Canal (Runcorn & Latchford Canal??) used to run under the bridge Pommie but it was all filled in years ago, in the 70's I think.   It ran from Manor Lock on the River Mersey (Howley) to the 20 Steps Lock at Stockton Heath where it met and joined the Manchester Ship Canal.

Obviously before the Manchester Ship Canal was built it went much further but as I'm guessing you weren't born in the late 1890's you wont remember that part of it  :lol: 

Theres quite a bit of info available on line about it if you google 'Black Bear Canal'

I've no idea about the pub you mention though....

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Just for interest: did they lay a drain pipe from the Mersey to the MS Canal, when they filled in the Blackbear Canal?  Presumably this would act as an overflow for the River?

No drain required Obs as each end of the Black Bear (Latchford) Canal were at a higher level than the Manchester ship canal and the River Mersey, water was supplied via a feeder stream from Woolston New Cut so all they had to do was dam the supply stream off at the Woolston end and drain the canal. The feeder stream entered the canal just above Marsh Lock by Kingsway bridge. The maps show each end of the feeder.


Latchford end - Feeder supply into the Black Bear canal.



Woolston end - Feeder stream supply from Woolston New Cut.


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