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More New Labour Sleeze -


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No - what a stupid and naive comment exactly what do you base this comment on, do you really think the traffic police would stand for that as an argument for speeding ? you just try it mate and see what happens to you.

If Hain has committed a crime then he will be found out and suffer the penalty such are the rules that everyone has to adhere to.

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I think the problem regarding Mr Hain, was that he spent the most on his campaign only to come 5th out of 6th. Since his ego and belief in his own ability is so great, his failure to suceed, but rather do so badly, is a cause of great personal embarrassment, hence his desire not to publicise the figures. Rather naive on hi part to believe the figure wouldn't come out in the end, afterall in politics you make enemies, especially at his level, who are only too happy to stick the boot in, when and where they can.


If people are willing to fund the likes of Mr Hain's campaign, more fool them. If candidates wish to spend their own money on their campaigns, then that is up to them. I really don't care how people spend their money, provided that they then don't expect others to bail them out because of their unwise spending habits.....bit like the current situation of massive UK personal debt really. :wink:


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funny how resignation in the ranks of the government is shortly followed by a new posting over some other area, thats a nice company to work for, I unfortunately cannot resign as I have to survive and my boss wont put me in a new higher paid but less obvious role if I did.


I dont think that campains should be given any money, surely good policies and commitment is all it needs.

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Originally posted by observer:

Finally, Hain has resigned from the Cabinet - his brass neck must have melted! :wink:

Knacker of the Yard making tracks for ones doorstep has that effect. Hain's arrogance is beyond belief....he seems to think he has ability, alas for him some of us look beyond being a smooth talker as a sign of ability.
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