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Warrington Hospital Parking PRATS


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It's people like this that deserve a parking ticket.  Warrington Hospital main car park today at 3.30pm today.

The selfish idiot(s)  parked (well more like abandoned) their cars outside the white marked bays blocking the route through the car park for all other other visitors.  Yes ok we could all reverse and go the other way round but for god sake use your brains !! 

I hope you are proud of yourselves PRATS !!




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There's a website called "You park like a ****".


It works like this (I don't have/can't be arsed with the technology needed for this, but many people do): you take a picture of the offending vehicle/s like you have done, then upload the photo/s to the website to obtain a URL, you write the URL on a piece of paper and leave it under the windscreen wiper of the offending vehicle. Hopefully, the driver finds it and finds that someone out there thinks he/she parks like a ****.


Easily googlable.

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One of them is a BMW so the driver will naturally be completely clueless about manners of the road anyway.... and the other looks like a Popemobile....but on another note, the tarmac lines where they have looked to have repaired or patched up in the past does look like another parking space though :)

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Good point Gary. 


I did go to the reception and showed them the photo's at the time add asked if they could do something.  I thought maybe they had some sort of tannoy system but they didn't or thought they may have had a parking warden on call who could go and slap a ticket on them but sadly they didn't and the lady said there was nothing that could be done.  She said it often happens when people can't find spaces and seemed indifferent to my moans. 

I can't see WHY the idiots couldn't find a space though as I'd been going every day for a week ( various times between 2pm and 7pm) and I never had a problem finding a space in the main car park where this was.  Most of the week it had been half empty but it was busier that day, but still NOT a problem.  

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By they way...I've noticed a major oddity in the new parking scheme and tickets you have to buy from the machines now if you pay the £3 for up to 5 hours.  I sort of wish the cameras were still on as I'd love to get a fine for exceeding my 5 hours one day, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on :D   I guess the same happens on the 24 hour tickets too.  If you do it right you can actually DOUBLE your time for the same price and the little ticket must surely be classed as printed proof :wink:

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This is what people get away with when you have an automated camera operated system instead of employing human beings!

Er aren't the cameras off at the moment? :P


Living where i do i never have a problem with hospital parking. although when i do have to take mum it is amazing the number of cars parked on pavements, double yellow line ambulance drop off points and anywhere else except car parking spaces. A traffic warden would have a field day in there. would have to send out for an extra bag of tickets.


on a slight tangent did hear that BMW are the latest to be caught out by the computer in the car fiddle. apparently they have fixed it so that indicators only work when the car is being MOT'ed :rolleyes:

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